The perfect gift for the person who has everything? 🤔

Give the priceless gift of health & quality-time, to your loved ones. 🤗💚

They’ll appreciate you for delicious 😋 and easy, time-saving meals — packed full of whole-plant power foods 🌱, to help them thrive with optimal health! 💓✅ 

Limited Time Holiday Bonus: All gift orders placed before December 12th at midnight (order before Tuesday, Dec.12th 11:59pm Pacific Time) will include a complimentary premium stainless steel Bowl ($15 value). It’s perfect for preparing our bowls and soups, so your lucky recipient gets to enjoy their meals right away!

Please Note: To ensure delivery before Xmas day, please place your LeafSide orders by midnight on Tuesday, December 12th.

LeafSide is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to be healthy but doesn’t have the time or energy to cook…

“I have a subscription for myself, another for my mother, and I’ve sent a gift shipment to my sister-in-law. It’s instantly the healthiest meal you’ll eat all day.” Melissa P.

How to send the gift of LeafSide meals to your loved one…

You can easily order LeafSide meals for your special someone by creating a one-time gift order, or starting a gift subscription.

To send a one-time gift order please write “one-time gift order” in the Order notes section* at checkout.

To start a recurring gift subscription please write “gift subscription” in the Order notes section* at checkout.

Shipping address: To have the gift meals go directly to their home, click the checkbox “Ship to a different address?” on the checkout page, and use your special someone’s address in the shipping information.

*Please note that if you pay with PayPal, the Order notes section isn’t available, so please reach out to us directly after paying, and we can add a gift note on your behalf.

“Thanks for the delicious meals and freeing up my time! I love these meals, the nutrition is off the charts and they couldn’t be more convenient. The only hard part is waiting 10 minutes, and picking a favorite. They are all so good!” — Deidre M.

🤔 What to order?

We recommend starting with a lifestyle bundle containing 12 LeafSider favorites, or a box with one of each recipe (22 meals), so they can try everything available. Then, they can choose their favorites if they order on their own!

Morning sunshine! 🌞

Turn hectic mornings into happy ones. Send one of each sweet bowl and smoothie, plus an extra sweet-bowl or smoothie for a total of 12 morning-saving meals! We recommend making the extra meal the Berry Medley sweet-bowl (a LeafSider favorite).

Midday motivation! 💪🌿

Don’t let a busy day get in the way of a good lunch. A mix of 12 LeafSider favorite sweet bowls, savory bowls, and soups will give them the plant power to thrive throughout the day!  

To give them a chance to try a wide variety of flavors, we recommend including the Broccoli Cashew Alfredo savory-bowl, the Apple Cinnamon Crunch sweet-bowl and the Black Bean & Chunky Tomato soup!

Dinner of champions! 🥇

For those that are too tired or busy to get out the pots and pans after a long day. We recommend sending one of each savory bowl and soup so they can try a wide variety and choose their favorites!

💌 Include a special gift message with your order!

Write a personalized message to your loved one in the Order notes section* when you place your gift order, so they know who to thank!

👋 Need Assistance? 

If you’d like us to provide meal recommendations or if you need assistance including a special gift message with your order, please contact our team!

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance by responding to this email, contacting us at [email protected], or calling 1-520-502-4743 during our business hours of 10A-12P (Mountain Time).