Kudo Topic: Prevent Disease

It’s remarkable how a WFPB diet can help broadly prevent or alleviate so many chronic diseases. That’s because a diverse WFPB diet can quickly and dramatically cut the top risk factors ✅: chronic inflammation, excess oxidation, and toxic levels of fat and sugar. Those risks all shoot up on a “modern” diet high in animal products’ saturated fats, and processed foods. 🤓 More about Disease Prevention.

Nebby K.

December 20, 2021

😔 In the grief of my husband dying, I have had no emotional or mental ability to prepare food for myself for over a year, and had been surviving on prepackaged junk food. My health started to seriously decline.

🙏 The LeafSide meals are providing me with healthy "fast food" and I honestly think they may actually save my life.

Louis N.

April 12, 2021

Nine months with LeafSide and also eating a lot of salads. My cholesterol has plummeted, even when I eat a little bit of junk, because I'm mostly eating LeafSide meals, it's plummeting my cholesterol and A1C.

Po R.

December 5, 2022

For those concerned about the cost of LeafSide's meals: You can eat cheap now and pay for medical bills when you retire, or you can pay for good quality and healthy food to enjoy retirement without disease and medical bills. I am an old lady who wishes someone had given her such advice in her younger years.