100% Whole Food Plant-Based Meals

The first and only
no-work (just add water)
delicious & nutrient-dense meals.


Savory Bowls

Pesto & Peppers Pasta Savory-Bowl LeafSide

Sweet Bowls

LeafSide Berry Medley Sweet Bowl


LeafSide Creamy Potato Leek Soup


LeafSide Super-Berry Smoothie
Lynn-T LeafSide Testimonial

Enjoy delicious & filling meals

  • Just add hot water: Ready in 10 minutes
  • Amazing Flavors: Made by expert chefs to taste great
  • Complete & Real Nutrition: leading edge nutrition science, from Dr. Greger’s bestseller How Not To Die
  • No compromises: No added oils or sugars.
  • Ultimate Convenience: Portable & ready to travel, eat anywhere!

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click play to watch the above video

As Mentioned by Dr. Greger

Dr. Greger with a LeafSide meal-pack

Please Note: Dr. Greger is an informal adviser to LeafSide, has mentioned LeafSide on his live Q&A, podcasts, and videos, and also uses our meals himself; however there is no official endorsement from him or NutritionFacts.org due to their non-commercial policy, and non-profit status.

Don’t Compromise Any More On Your Healthy Eating Goals

The status quo is unhealthy convenience meals, or healthy meals requiring time and effort. LeafSide insists on healthy convenience: our complete meal packs deliver leading nutrition science, ready in minutes, to fit your life schedule.

Customers raving about LeafSide …

Shannyn H. LeafSide Testimonial
Shannyn Hussey

“I got my first shipment in last week and I’m already ordering my second. They are convenient, delicious, and packed solid full of nutrition.

I absolutely love to cook, but sometimes when time is tight or when a WFPB meal is not readily available, these meals are priceless. They are also making it easy for me to track my portion size and nutritional intake for my weight loss program. I’m sold.”

Melissa Patterson

“I love this company. It’s like WFPB fast food! I have a subscription for myself, another for my mother, and I’ve sent a gift shipment to my sister in law.

These meals are perfect for when you have no craving for any particular food, and you just need something convenient to eat. Hot water, bowl, boom! Instantly the healthiest meal you’ll eat all day.”

LeafSide Lentil Tomato Pasto Family Style
Maribe Zolli

“I was tired of always thinking about food, and ashamed of throwing away so much perishable produce.

Now I take LeafSide meals to work for lunch, and eat one for dinner if I’m too tired to cook. If I’m running late, I’ll blend up a smoothie and drink it on my commute.

These meals are a godsend!”

Kathy Caldwell LeafSide Testimonial
Kathy Caldwell
Retired Corporate Trainer

“I’m convinced that I save both time and money by eating LeafSide!

The bowls keep me full for many hours until the next meal, so I’ve stopped snacking.

I wasn’t trying to lose weight, but I’ve already dropped a couple pounds.”

LeafSide Savory Bowls in Suitcase
Ellie Zenner
Flight Attendant

“As a busy flight attendant I tried other meal services, but needed one that I could travel with.

LeafSide’s meals are filling and they taste great! During my travels I’m able to pack enough to  keep me satisfied the entire time.”

Brenda Reed
University Administrator

“With LeafSide my trips are now much more enjoyable, as I no longer worry about eating healthy or figuring out where to get food.

I tell all my co-workers and friends who are trying to eat a healthier diet, check out LeafSide!”

Carla Golden
Carla Golden
Health & Wellness Coach

“Most days I eat one LeafSide meal. I would rather be outside exercising than chopping and dicing in the kitchen.

LeafSide meals support my active lifestyle without having to skimp on high quality nutrition.”

John B Bio pic
John Barry
Student - Astronomy & Physics Major

“LeafSide has the best customer support I’ve seen in a company… ever!”

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What Plant-Based Influencers Say …

Dr. Michael Klaper
Physician, Award-winning Speaker, Author of VeganHealthStudy.org

“Smart, simple, and definitely nourishing, LeafSide meals deliver the full spectrum of plant-based nutrients with the ultimate in convenience: Just add water.”

Dr. Melanie Joy
Dr. Melanie Joy
Bestselling Author, Award-winning Speaker, Peter Singer Prizewinner

“These are the meals I’ve been waiting for! I can finally eat Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen foods no matter how busy life gets.”

Robert Cheeke LeafSide Bio
Robert Cheeke
Founder of VeganBodyBuilding.com, Bestselling Author, Champion Bodybuilder

“LeafSide is a game-changer in nutritional convenience like nothing I’ve seen before… they take out the guesswork, remove the homework, and do the legwork for you.”

LeafSide Madras Curry Savory Bowl

Each meal pack is

  • Designed by Expert, Pro Chefs to Taste Great: Expect rich, satisfying flavors from carefully chosen ingredients.
  • Fast & Easy: Ready to eat in minutes. No planning, no shopping, no prep, no washing, no cooking.
  • Quality Ingredients: 100% whole-foods plant-based, typically 20-30 ingredients per pack, and most are USDA-certified organic
  • Free of Added Sugar & Oil: Each pack contains only whole plant food ingredients, always zero added sugar or oil. With salt, there’s no added salt in the smoothies and sweet-bowls (savory meals are low-salt, or salt-free by request).
  • Real Portion Sizes: One pack makes one standard full meal portion for one person (averaging 500 to 650 calories), or two smaller portions.
  • Shelf-stable (no fridge needed) for 6-8 weeks — so easily stored in your pantry, at the office, or in your travel bag.
  • Affordable, as low as $7.99 per meal with subscription. With majority organic ingredients, nothing else even comes close!

What Sets LeafSide Apart?

LeafSide is a new meal category, that finally offers the best of all worlds.

Benefits LeafSide "Superfood" Supplement Powders Powder-Based Meal Drinks Frozen Meal Delivery Fresh Meal Delivery
Clean: 100% Whole Foods Plant-Based (WFPB), No Oil, No Added Sugar ? ?
Nutrient-Rich: 20-30 WFPB Ingredients Per Meal
Fiber-Rich, Up to 29g Per Meal ? ?
Filling "Real Meal" Portions, 500+ Calories
Complete Evidence-based Nutrition*
Easy & No Work: Just Add Water
Goes Anywhere: Lightweight & No Fridge Needed
Shelf-stable: No Wasted Food
Free of Artificial Isolates, Extracts, & Additives ? ?
Affordable: Competitive Price Vs Fast/Junk Food
SOS-Free Available


Complete evidence-based nutrition means meals that offer the full range and proven combinations of evidence-based foods, per Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen food groups, including a diet rich in phytonutrients essential for health, in addition to the basic macro (carbs, proteins, fats) and micro (vitamins, minerals) nutrients.

? means "maybe" — it depends on the particular vendor, recipe, serving size, etc.

LeafSide Goji Peach Paradise Sweet Bowl

Life-Enhancing Benefits of a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet

Optimal Weight

Eat delicious filling meals on your schedule, and naturally achieve your ideal healthy weight, with foods that are high in nutrients and fiber.

Increased Energy

Foods rich in healthy complex carbohydrates and antioxidants that power our cells, and especially our brains, with steady energy.

Disease Prevention

Clinically and repeatedly shown to reverse heart disease and other chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers, etc.


The dietary pattern of the longest-living peoples on Earth, aka “Blue Zones” such as Okinawa, Sardinia, and Loma Linda.

Athletic Boost

Shorter recovery time, leaner body composition, better blood flows, and lower oxidative and inflammation stress, support top perfomance.

Improved Sleep

Only plants provide antioxidants, natural melatonin, anti-stress, and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that can promote better sleep

Improved Mood

Rich amounts of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and thousands of phytonutrients from plant foods nourish your microbiome and brain.

Metabolic Health

The diet most aligned with the growing knowledge of healthy biochemistry in the body, fulfills our need for plants-only antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber.

Got Questions? We Love Questions!

If LeafSide seems different from any meal product or service you’ve ever seen before, you’re right! Check out our extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for a lot more details.