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30 minutes of your time to record and submit your Success Story, following the easy prompts provided. 

Give yourself the best chance of being selected, don’t miss our Preparation Tips! 

Preparation Tips

Give yourself the best chance of being selected!

Step 1: Please review and agree to the following preparation tips.

  • Relax, have fun, and just be yourself! 🙂
  • You can easily redo any response you don’t like, so don’t worry about getting it right the first time!
  • We will edit the video, so it’s okay if you repeat yourself or don’t get it perfect.
  • Position your camera in front of you and look directly into the camera when you record.
  • Hold up your Favorite LeafSide Meal or Meals!
  • We recommend doing something before recording your video to release endorphins and let your natural energy shine through. It may sound silly, but these two things can make a big difference!
    1.  Do some light jumping jacks and stretch to help yourself look more awake, energized, and relaxed.
    2.  Do something to make yourself smile and laugh (watch a funny video, etc.)

Step 2:  Please review and prepare answers to the following questions.

Feel free to take notes, and think of specific examples for each where applicable, so your answers can really shine!

Where possible please be sure to tell us how you felt along each step of the way, the more adjectives the better (“I was frustrated”, “I feel deeply grateful”, “I have tons of energy”, “I feel amazing”, etc.)

  1. What were the main pain points or challenges you experienced that LeafSide resolved, please give specific examples, stating how it made you feel! These pain points could relate to:
    • Following and sticking to a plant-based or WFPB diet
    • Improving your health
    • Being too busy to cook
  2. What are the main benefits you’ve experienced? Please give specific examples, stating how each made you feel.
  3. Walk us through an example of your typical daily or weekly routine, describe how LeafSide fits into that, and please give specifics about:
    • Time of day
    • Location
    • How you prepare the meal
    • Any ways you may modify the recipe
    • Favorite recipes
  4. What was it like, at first, making LeafSide meals? Did you have any fails, or any breakthrough moments? Do you have any tips for other newbies?
  5. What type of encouragement can you give to someone who may have been in your original situation, and is interested in trying LeafSide, but may feel unsure about buying?

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You’ll be given easy to follow prompts in Vocal Video, and the questions will be repeated. You do not need to download or install anything.

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One of the main reasons we’re able to keep the cost of our meals affordable is because we get a lot of our business through referrals from people just like you!

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