Velvety Peach Dream Smoothie

Velvety Peach Dream Smoothie

1 Goji Peach Paradise sweet bowl + 3 ingredients

Makes 2 Servings

PREP TIME: 5 minutes • COOK TIME: 0 minutes


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Velvety Peach Dream Smoothie

Savor the sweet summer flavor of aromatic, juicy peaches in this refreshing, health-promoting smoothie. Tart apricots & goji berries add to the nuanced layers of goodness in this velvety potion that will transport you to a carefree, sunny day anytime during the year! Life really is just peachy when you can get top-notch nutrition in such a tasty treat!


1 LeafSide Goji Peach Paradise sweet bowl

2 cups plant milk (recommend unsweetened vanilla almond or almond coconut)

1 cup water

1/2 cup plant based yogurt (recommend unsweetened vanilla coconut)

1.5 cups frozen peaches

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Tools Needed:



NOTE: Disregard package preparation instructions and follow steps below instead.

  1. Pour LeafSide’s Goji Peach Paradise sweet bowl into a blender (with 800+ watts power); add plant milk & water.
  2. Add plant based yogurt & frozen peaches and blend thoroughly.

Other suggested additions: frozen bananas, fresh or frozen apricots, mangoes, or nectarines, unsweetened coconut flakes, fresh ginger.


If using fresh fruit, rather than frozen, freeze plant milk ahead of time into ice cubes so your smoothie is colder.

Nutrition Fast Fact

Goji Berries

Modern chemistry and science are steadily confirming the ancient repute of goji berries in Asia, where goji have long been used in tea, medicine, or food, for longevity and health.

In particular, among common foods, goji berries have the highest concentration of melatonin known, so they can improve sleep; and they are in the top 3 for for antioxidant capacity within the already super-ranked food family of berries — so they’re even better at quenching the pro-aging fires of oxidation and inflammation, and protecting our cells from daily damage, than more common berries.


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