Whipped Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

Whipped Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

1 Apple Cinnamon Crunch sweet bowl + 5 ingredients

Makes 2 Servings

PREP TIME: 5 minutes • COOK TIME: 0 minutes


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Whipped Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

Treat yourself to this sweet & tart gift in a glass that’s teeming with anti-inflammatory Ceylon cinnamon, along with pectin-rich Granny Smith apples that promote healthy gut bacteria. Caramel-like dates & vitamin-C filled black currants round out this heavenly drink that tastes too good to be healthful. You know what they say about an apple a day, so whip up this winning recipe to feel great from head-to-toe!


1 LeafSide Apple Cinnamon Crunch sweet bowl

3 cups plant milk (recommend unsweetened vanilla almond)

1 Granny Smith apple

1 frozen banana

2 teaspoons date paste (or lucuma powder) (bonus recipe)

1/2 cup plant based yogurt (recommend unsweetened vanilla coconut)

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NOTE: Disregard package preparation instructions and follow steps below instead.

  1. Pour LeafSide’s Apple Cinnamon Crunch sweet bowl into a blender (with 800+ watts power), and use 3 cups plant milk (instead of water).
  2. Add apple, frozen banana, date paste (or lucuma powder), & yogurt; blend until smooth and thick.

Other suggested additions: rolled oats, vanilla, walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, dates, raisins, hemp seeds.


Easy Date Paste

  1. Place about 2 cups of tightly packed pitted Medjool dates into the bowl of a food processor, and add 1/2 cup water (or since date sizes vary, add water to just under the top of the dates).
  2. Process to a smooth, paste-like texture, stopping to scrape the sides and incorporate dates as needed. Per your preference, add more dates if paste is too watery or add more water if paste is too thick (the texture can depend upon the moisture content of the dates).

Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a month. Use in a 1:1 ratio as a substitute for sugar or other sweeteners.

Nutrition Fast Fact

Treat Yourself to a Date

Pssst, want a guilt-free sweetener? In fact, it’s actually good for you, so you can eat it to your heart’s content — literally! That’s the wrinkly beauty of dates: they’re one of nature’s sweetest foods, with high whole-plants sugar content that can taste like sunkissed caramel.

Yet like other whole, unprocessed green-light foods, they only bring health benefits, with one study seeing no blood sugar spikes nor weight gain while eating almost a quarter pound per day for a month, proving that sugars are not created equal.

Dates in particular also bring at least 15 different minerals, high fiber for your microbiome, essential vitamins, and plenty of antioxidants. No wonder some researchers have called it “an ideal food!”

Reference: https://nutritionfacts.org/video/are-dates-good-for-you/

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