Are LeafSide meals and ingredients non-GMO, or GMO-free?

Yes! Per the USDA standard, all the certified organic ingredients we use are non-GMO.  For the remaining few conventional ingredients we’re using, they are also all non-GMO.

As fans of the scientific method, we’re aware that there’s a long-running debate about the safety and benefits (or lack thereof) of GMO food.  So when it comes to very complex biological systems like food and our bodies, we go with the precautionary principle: unsafe until demonstrated otherwise.

Also, being skeptics by default and growing up through the Human Genome Project, we can’t help but notice that practically all the fantastic claims and promises of genetic engineering have NOT been delivered on, while the main actual, real-world application of GMOs is to make plants better survive repeated use of pesticides like glyphosate — we’ll take a pass on that.

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