Why is the Total Sugars number large? Is there any added sugar in LeafSide meals?

Unfortunately this term and number on nutrition labels is confusing, and only recently did the FDA revise the label to separately specify “added sugar,” i.e. the chemically processed and separated white sugar/fructose crystals of table/refined sugar.  LeafSide never uses any kind of added sugar, thus that number is and always will be ZERO on all our products.

The fructose/sugar in LeafSide meals is only in the form of whole plant foods like berries, mangos, bananas, etc. and thus come with all the good stuff: phytonutrients, antioxidants, and above all, fiber.  This “package deal” nature of real food is still being understood, but it’s already clear that eating whole fruit is good for us, and totally different in effects on the body, than eating the same amount of fructose as table sugar.

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