Fast, Easy, Plant-rich Holiday Meals with LeafSide — For Stress-Free Season’s Greetings

Despite all the unbeatable healthy benefits to plant-rich eating…

Despite the incredible power of plants to keep us healthy, performing and looking our best, powering our work and play…

What’s the one big, main downside to the whole foods plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle?

It’s a LOT of work!

Even after someone is convinced to go plant-based, there’s seemingly no avoiding the work: research (watch more videos, dive into new cookbooks), meal planning, shopping (maybe multiple stores), cleaning, prepping, cutting, cooking, and more cleaning.

Oh, and you’ll need to do that again please: a few times per day.

It can start to feel like a part-time job.


How and why does LeafSide help?

That experience is why LeafSide was started, to make plant-based success — regularly eating the healthiest foods known to science — easy, fast, and on-demand. No-brainer nutrition: No matter where you are.  No matter how busy life gets.

Our customers — aka LeafSiders — already know how well LeafSide fits and supports their busy lives.


But what about making meals for family and friends? What about special occasions like the holidays?

Glad you asked! We asked ourselves the same thing.

We found the same solution some fellow LeafSiders found: with a dash of creativity, you can take a LeafSide meal pack (with two dozen or more 100% WFPB foods), add a few inexpensive ingredients, a bit of technique, and “transform” a meal into a centerpiece, photo-worthy dish.

With these recipes, you get the “ooohs” and “aahhhhs” and “yum!” results from your cooking, knowing the dish is super-healthy — without slaving away in the kitchen all day.

We call these recipes “meal-mods” i.e. meal modifications, but that’s a mouthful (pardon the pun).

Without further ado, here’s our first set of LeafSide meal-mods for the holiday season:


Stuffed Squash Meal-Mod

LeafSide’s very popular Black Bean Tomato soup is typically enjoyed on its own. But in this recipe, it’s transformed into an easy, delicious, beautifully colorful, plant-rich main entrée, suitable for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Enjoy!


Stuffed Portobellos Meal-Mod

For mushroom lovers, our Creamy Forest Mushroom savory-bowl has been a longtime favorite, full of both rich and subtle flavors. Here’s how to use that meal pack to make a crowd-pleasing entrée or appetizer, to feed more mushroom fans in one go — as always, with minimal work, and maximum nutrition.


Pesto Potatoes Meal-Mod

Everyone loves hearty warm potatoes with bright zingy pesto — and by extending a LeafSide Smoky Pea soup pack, you can make a beautiful, super-nutritious, no-oil version of Pesto Potatoes with over 25 whole plant foods! Delight family & friends (and their respective microbiomes), quite easily.


Stuffed Peppers Meal-Mod

When you need a vibrantly colorful, scrumptiously savory entrée that will wow your guests, family, or friends — try this Stuffed Peppers recipe! This recipe uses LeafSide’s super-popular Creamy Forest Mushroom savory-bowl meal pack, while adding even more flavors and textures in a total makeover. And the best part is, it’ll be your secret how super easy it is.


Baked Apples Meal-Mod

Who says dessert can’t be good for you?! When it’s 100% whole foods plant-based, indulge to your heart’s content — and without all the work! Check out LeafSide’s easy recipe of Baked Apples, that uses our Apple Cinnamon Crunch meal pack to create a beautiful, super-nutritious, and yummy dessert that’ll impress family & friends.


Imagine: Holidays’ Cooking Could Be Easy…

There you have it: five LeafSide meal-mods suited to the holiday season, with a wide range of colors, flavors, and textures.  Each recipe brings at least two-dozen whole plant foods, with much less work and time than any of your family and friends would guess.  And of course, they’re all compliant with the highest standard in WFPB nutrition, Dr. Greger’s evidence-based Daily Dozen.

We’ve got a lot more ideas cooking in the LeafSide kitchen, but for now, we wish you a plant-rich Happy Holidays!