Nancy on Health Benefits

Nancy W.

It seems that the use of miso is working for me! I have Meniere's Disease, which means that salty food can bring on vertigo and/or nausea.

After reading your explanation for using miso, and that it negates the effects of salt, I thought I'd try it first. I'm happy to report that it did not affect me like a true salty meal would! I have only had a few meals because I'm saving my order for our vacation coming up, but so far, so good! The food is really tasty, not spicy, but flavorful. I've found with another precooked plant based meal program, the food needs so much flavoring that I've added regular salt to it, then had a dizzy reaction.

Keep doing what you're doing, LeafSide! I like the food and how it makes me feel. Thank you.

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