Suzannah on Delicious Meals

Suzannah G.

October 18, 2022

We tried these two meals today from LeafSide and they were remarkably good. 😋

I was surprised, I didn’t expect them to be as well seasoned (read bold and good flavor). I always add a little chef magic to my food and these required none and I added very little (for those who know it was adding spicy/heat to the Sweet Potato Dal Soup).

These are #wholefoodplantbased dehydrated foods, high in protein and fiber also highlighted by Dr. Greger. As far as pre-made meals go they are quite inexpensive, and lightweight, making them great for travel and hiking (if a source of hot water is available).

This is a fan post and not a paid sponsorship 🙂

Honestly I was floored. I’ve been living on Fire Road since I’m in PhD life right now and wanted to change it up. Also I’ve been avoiding Amy’s bc of the labor ugliness. This is such a happy find!

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