Whipped Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

Treat yourself to this sweet & tart gift in a glass that’s teeming with anti-inflammatory Ceylon cinnamon, along with pectin-rich Granny Smith apples that promote healthy gut bacteria. Caramel-like dates & vitamin-C filled black currants round out this heavenly drink that tastes too good to be healthful. You know what they say about an apple […]

Cinnalicious Stuffed Apples

Amplify the fabulous flavor of fall’s favorite fruit 🍎🍏 with this luscious, comforting, and easy to prepare autumnal classic. 🍂 The deliciously sweet combination of tender, juicy apples paired with caramelly dates & warm Ceylon cinnamon is so sweet and decadent, you & yours won’t believe there’s no added sugar! This beautifully healthy dessert is […]