How can LeafSide meals be both shelf-stable (no fridge needed), and healthy? Doesn’t that require preservatives and a lot of processing?

Because LeafSide meal packs only use dried ingredients, and because we often use the drying technique that best preserves the full nutrition of fruits and vegetables (especially vitamins, minerals, & phytonutrients): freeze-drying. We never use any preservatives. The recommended consumption timeframe on a LeafSide meals pack is thus set by the more sensitive ingredients, which […]

Why buy LeafSide food when I can do it myself?

After 37+ combined years of living a plant-based lifestyle and helping others do it too, we’ve learned that the #1 reason many people aren’t successful with a whole foods plant-based diet, is that they don’t have the expertise, time, and energy to do everything themselves. LeafSide meals solve this with 3 compelling advantages versus doing […]