How much salt do you add, and are these recipes considered low sodium meals?

The short answers: we add the least amount of salt that still tastes good, use miso to lower salt’s risks, aim to meet the sodium vs calories number rule-of-thumb, and offer salt-free versions of our savory meals.

We conducted focus groups for each recipe when deciding how much added salt (and thus sodium) to use.  The general concern was that healthy but bland recipes (“bland” to those accustomed to high salt levels from fast food and the Standard American Diet) would encourage the unhealthy habit of adding too much salt. So we put the absolute minimum necessary to create a good taste for typical eaters, while still keeping the overall meal’s sodium mg number, below its calories number

We also use miso powder, which research has shown has remarkable abilities to cancel out two of the main health risks of salt, hypertension and stomach cancer.

Note that If you are completing the Daily Dozen using two LeafSide meals (a savory and sweet), the total amount of consumed sodium would be less than 900 mg across the two meals (from roughly 1100 to 1500 calories depending on which combination you choose), since the sweet meals (smoothies and sweet-bowls) have no added salt at all (nor any added sugar, nor oil).

If you have further concerns about added salt and prefer SOS-free savory meals, please note our other FAQ entry about that option (there is no extra charge), and be sure to let us know (via chat or in your Order Notes) that you want the SOS-free option, thanks.

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