Do your products conform to the no-SOS or SOS free guidelines? (no added salt, oil, or sugar)

All LeafSide products come with zero added oil or sugar; zip, nada, zero  We have had that constraint — of no added sugar and no processed (nutrient-stripped) ingredients — from the beginning of our product development.

All of LeafSide’s sweet meals (smoothies and sweet-bowls) are SOS free: no added sugar, oil, salt.

For our savory dishes we currently add a minimal amount of sea salt, along with miso powder, which has been shown to remarkably offset the negative effects of sodium in salt, even when the effective amount of sodium in miso is the same.  We also aim to follow Dr. Greger’s rule, that a meal should have its mg of sodium number, be less than the kCal number.

With our savory meals, cutting the salt is a balancing act of what tastes good, and health concerns from current nutrition science.  Most of the population regularly eats far too much salt/sodium (as that is the cheapest way to increase flavor and increase the addictive aspect of food) and their taste buds are used to high salt.  Until someone’s taste buds have adjusted to the more subtle, fuller flavors of whole-foods plant-based eating (it only takes 2-3 weeks after fully switching), there needs to be just enough salt (and many other flavors) in a LeafSide meal to discourage people manually adding more salt.

However, for those customers wanting a “no SOS” or “SOS free” compliant meal, we offer the option of “no added salt” of the recipe where miso powder is used instead of added sea salt.  Please contact us or write a note in your order if you want your savory meals SOS free.

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