Which recipes are mild and have little to no spicy heat?

Thank you for your interest in LeafSide! We appreciate that everyone has different taste preferences, so we do our best to offer a diverse range of meals to accommodate as many people as possible. Spicy heat is a difficult thing to qualify because it’s different for everyone. We may think a recipe is not spicy at all, but you may find it to be intolerable.

We do separate herbs and spices that some may consider being spicy hot from our Spices and Herbs umbrella to help you review which meals will work best for you! You’ll find the ingredients and nutritional information for all of our meals here: https://www.goleafside.com/nutrition-summary/

In general, if you don’t like spicy heat, we would recommend Broccoli Cashew Alfredo, Creamy Forest Mushroom, Creamy Potato Leek Soup, Pesto & Peppers Pasta, our 4 sweet bowls, and any of our 6 smoothies.

Please note that our meals include a fair amount of herbs and spices for flavor since we do not add sugar or oil, and they are very low in sodium. If you aren’t considering the added sugar, oil, and/or salt that may be in your current diet, your taste buds may find 100% whole food plant-based meals like LeafSide very different from what you’re used to eating. There’s generally a 1-3 month adjustment period (during which your taste buds will regrow, literally) for most people who are transitioning to a whole food plant-based diet.

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