Will LeafSide suit you?

LeafSide is perfect for you 🤩 if:

  • You enjoy eating — and are committed to — high quality, nutrient-rich whole vegan meals (aka whole food plant-based or WFPB meals).
  • You generally avoid processed food, and avoid fast food.
  • You have an active lifestyle, and often lack the time to plan, shop, prep, and cook healthy meals for yourself or loved ones.
  • You prioritize superior nutrition and health.

However, LeafSide may NOT 🤔 be for you if:

  • You regularly eat and crave processed foods with added salt, sugar, and processed oils/fats. Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet is heavily laden with those three processed additives, which “hijack” our taste buds with neurological effects similar to addictive drugs.
    • If you currently find healthy unprocessed meals bland, but you’re committed to eating healthier, be aware of these general trends: It may take 1-2 months of clean eating (i.e. over 2/3 of your caloric intake is unprocessed whole vegan) to wean off from high salt and sugar, to the normal levels in whole unprocessed foods. And 2-4 months to shed processed-fats cravings, to enjoy whole plants’ fat levels.
    • You can use whole vegan condiments to make the transition easier, e.g.
      • whole dates powder is an unprocessed sweetener that’s perfectly healthy;
      • low-sodium soy sauce can provide salty tastes;
      • nut/seed butters give plenty of healthy, creamy plant-fats, like tahini or almond butter
    • The good news is, your senses can & will adapt, and you can re-gain even more enjoyment of eating real, wholesome food, with far more layers and nuances of taste than ever before.
  • You don’t currently eat a majority whole foods plant-based diet. Per above, LeafSide meals may taste bland to you.
  • You regularly eat animal products (dairy, eggs, meat, fish, etc) high in salt and saturated fats.
  • You prefer bland food rather than a wide range of flavors, herbs, and spices. Out of habit, some people simply don’t enjoy flavorful foods. If that’s you, but you still want the health benefits of whole vegan eating, we’d suggest trying our Smoothies and Sweet-bowls first.
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