What is the shelf life of LeafSide’s meals? Do they have any preservatives?

Due to the low moisture content of our meals, and the use of 100% plant-based ingredients, they remain stable for 6-8 weeks if stored in a dry, cool (non-refrigerated) place. We currently list a “best by” date with about a 6 week time frame, and sometimes adjust that to be longer based on our ongoing tests of each recipe, and evolving packaging.

Typically the limiting factors are any nuts or coconut used in the meal. So if you want to store your LeafSide meals longer than the best-by date, you can put your pack(s) in the fridge, just as storing nuts in the fridge will help add at least several months of shelf life to them.

Our meals contain no extra preservatives or additives! Many of our ingredients are shelf-stable due to a special freeze-drying process that removes the moisture content from the whole plant-based foods. This helps maximize the nutrient content and keep the ingredients safe to consume, without adding any unnatural preservatives or extra ingredients to our products.


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