Bridget on Convenience

Bridget P.

April 6, 2021

I got my first shipment on Friday. On Sunday, I tossed 2 meals in my bag just because 😏 and it ended up saving me from an awkward situation. I was with new friends who don’t know, I’m vegan and they had cooked a big lunch for all of us: nothing was vegan, so I just smiled at the hostess and said 'don’t sweat it, I’ve got food,' and showed her my LeafSide meal. She was so relieved that I had something! Honestly, I was so relieved I idly tossed these in my bag before leaving the house!!! I never expect anyone to know how to feed me, that’s my responsibility and Leafside just made it 10000000 times easier for me! Thank you 🙏 now that I’ve found you, don’t ever leaf me! 🙈

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