Holly on Value & Quality

Holly G.

January 31, 2020

I am so in love with LeafSide! 😍 I’ve tried two of their meals so far and both were absolutely delicious. 👌

We have tried several other meal kits in the past, but the portions were always so tiny that it felt like a rip-off. However, LeafSide's meals are more than enough for me to eat in one sitting! 😋

I'm also excited to try out the other 23 different meals that they have to offer because I love having variety and choices. 🤩 All the meals follow Dr. Greger's guidelines and contain no added fats or preservatives whatsoever! 😊

As someone who has been following nutrition scientists and doctors for years, I was thrilled to see LeafSide come to market. They have truly solved the convenience barrier that so many of us face in today's upside-down world. 🌎

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