How much are the meals?

For LeafSide subscriptions, each complete LeafSide meal is initially priced at $9.99, while renewal orders receive a further 10% discount.  From the start, we’ve aimed to provide the healthiest meal value available anywhere ✅, at a price that beats most fast/junk food options.

  • Every LeafSide meal follows the highest standard 🥇 for plant-based nutrition — Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen — while also being delicious and super convenient.
  • Each LeafSide meal contains 15-30 whole plant ingredients 🌱, the majority of which are organic.
  • LeafSide meals range from about 400 to over 650 calories 😋 — they’re real, filling meals that will power you for hours.
  • Many LeafSiders find a single meal pack to be very filling, so they split one pack across 2-3 meals/servings. That’s easy to do with “bases” like whole grains, bread/toast, tortilla wraps, over baked potatoes, etc. Try them and discover their value!

We have 23 meals available, and a 12-item minimum order requirement (total $119.88), but many LeafSiders start with one of each recipe so they can try everything (total $229.77), and confidently select their favorites for their next order .

Please note that loyal LeafSiders with an active subscription receive a 10% discount on all renewal orders, from an already active subscription, making the price per pack only $8.99.

Our shipping fees are $6.99 for orders within the contiguous United States. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is $12.99 for up to 24 meals, $34.99 for 25-41 meals, and $49.99 for 42-70 meals.

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