What is Dr. Michael Greger’s relationship with LeafSide?

Thanks for your question! Due to Dr. Greger’s strict non-commercial policy, there’s no formal relationship between Dr. Greger and LeafSide, nor is his non-profit organization NutritionFacts.org affiliated with LeafSide. Indeed as a general policy, they do not give endorsements to any company or product.

Nevertheless, Dr. Greger has been giving us scientific and nutrition advice for years, has mentioned LeafSide at events and during interviews, and eats LeafSide meals during his travels. He also eats LeafSide at home when he’s too busy to cook, including pouring his favorite LeafSide soups or bowls over his own mixture of pressure-cooked whole grains, while adding even more greens and hot sauce.  He’s pleased to see that LeafSide follows his evidence-based Daily Dozen nutrition guidelines, unlike any other food company.

You can hear some of his thoughts on our meals in the following NutritionFacts.org video (LeafSide is mentioned at 4:00): https://youtu.be/oj8qAwgADdM?t=241

Please let us know what other questions you have, and we hope to see you on the LeafSide!

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