Why are there mushrooms in LeafSide’s sweet bowls?

Thanks for your question!

We add mushrooms to many of our recipes due to their high content of ergothioneine. It’s a nominal amount as it doesn’t take much for the desired effect. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s more about that antioxidant from our website:

“Obtained only through diet, and most abundant in mushrooms, ergothioneine is a newly found antioxidant that our cells have specific receptors for. It may represent a new vitamin that can uniquely enter a cell’s nucleus and mitochondria, concentrating wherever there’s high oxidative stress, like the eyes.”

Currently, our Pesto & Peppers Pasta, Comforting Corn Chowder, Creamy Potato Leek soup, Goji Peach Paradise sweet bowl, Madras Curry, Smoky Pea Soup, Sweet Potato Dal, and Thai Veggie Noodle do not contain mushrooms. All of our smoothies are also mushroom-free. If you have an allergy to mushrooms, please note that we cannot guarantee no cross-contamination since we do use mushrooms in our kitchen.
You’re welcome to review the ingredients and nutritional information for all of our meals here: https://www.goleafside.com/nutrition-summary/
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