What is the sodium content of the SOS-free meals?

Thanks for your question! The sodium content in the meals without added salt & miso (which we add to help negate the effects of salt) is as follows:

  • Soups – Black Bean & Chunky Tomato: 45 mg; Comforting Corn Chowder: 45 mg; Creamy Potato Leek: 174 mg; Golden Garlic Bean: 98 mg; Smoky Pea: 133 mg; Sweet Potato Dal: 119 mg
  • Savory bowls – Broccoli Cashew Alfredo: 60 mg; Creamy Forest Mushroom: 29 mg; Lentil Tomato Pasta: 50 mg; Madras Curry: 64 mg; Pesto & Peppers Pasta: 20 mg; Tex Mex: 45 mg; Thai Veggie Noodle: 93 mg
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