Kudo Topic: Travel Ready

Michele T.

November 4, 2022

LeafSide meals are amazing! They were a life saver on my two week trip abroad ! I came back as healthy as when I left.

Karen G.

April 26, 2023

Go LeafSide! Thank you so much for helping this whole food plant-based marathoner complete my Boston Marathon #9 and Marathon #62. Just before Boston, I ran the Tokyo Marathon and the San Diego Half Marathon—my half marathon #84. With 4 marathons in 7 weeks, I need that whole food plant nutrition for speedy recovery. When I’m not preparing delicious meals from Dr. Greger’s How Not to Die cookbook, I’m grateful for LeafSide's wonderfully nutritious meals. They are perfect for traveling to do marathons around the world. Your customer service is amazing. Shout out to the awesome LeafSide team member who helped me today! 🥰

Monica L.

November 16, 2022

I was a little hesitant about the order requirement of 12 items and the price as well. However, paying a little more for not having to shop, clean, prep, cook, and clean more than one bowl is totally worth it! Knowing the healthy nutrient profile from a large variety of spices and food is already there made me purchase these. I am very happy with the ones I've tried, and I actually get two meals out of each bag, so that really justifies my purchase. I feel satiated after eating too. It's so difficult to eat healthy when traveling, and these are simple to pack and make. Thank you, LeafSide! 🙌

Gina H.

March 22, 2023

We just got back from vacation and took nothing but LeafSide with us for breakfasts and dinners. It saved so much room in the car, and we were pleasantly surprised at how delicious, filling, and satisfying the meals were. Some were enough for two meals. Bonus: I didn't have to cook for an entire week!!!!!!! Since we only do WFPB meals, it feels like all I do is meal prep, cook, do dishes, and repeat. Having LeafSide on my side gives me such a nice reprieve from the kitchen! 🙌

Cheryl C.

June 14, 2021

So happy I packed LeafSide meals for an overnight train trip.