Kudo Topic: Customer Success Assistance

Karen G.

April 26, 2023

Go LeafSide! Thank you so much for helping this whole food plant-based marathoner complete my Boston Marathon #9 and Marathon #62. Just before Boston, I ran the Tokyo Marathon and the San Diego Half Marathon—my half marathon #84. With 4 marathons in 7 weeks, I need that whole food plant nutrition for speedy recovery. When I’m not preparing delicious meals from Dr. Greger’s How Not to Die cookbook, I’m grateful for LeafSide's wonderfully nutritious meals. They are perfect for traveling to do marathons around the world. Your customer service is amazing. Shout out to the awesome LeafSide team member who helped me today! 🥰

Kathryn P.

January 19, 2021

Wow, wow, wow! Our order of 44 meals arrived yesterday, two of each kind so we could try them all.

The first thing that impressed us was the customer service, they actually reached out the next morning to make sure that we meant to place such a large order, as first time customers they wanted us to be sure that we knew their meals might take some “getting used to” flavor wise, especially if we were not already eating this way. They also gave us the option of reducing our order, which was incredibly thoughtful to offer. We replied and told them that we have been WFPB for 4 years and that we were excited to find meals that truly met the high standards of Whole Food Plant Based folks like us and Dr. Gregor. We thanked them and asked that the order be sent as is.

We made our first meals last night, the Creamy Forest Mushroom Savory-Bowl and the Broccoli Cashew Alfredo Savory-Bowl. Both were quite good, so easy to make and VERY filling! We were both blown away by the broccoli, they tasted lightly steamed and still had some crunch! The mushroom bowl was very dense and flavorful, mmmmm porcini!
As easy as making a cup of noodles, no joke, these meals are a real game changer. Thank you, LeafSide!

Sindler A.

December 21, 2021

I have now tried all their products: Soups, Smoothies, Savory-Bowls, and Sweet-Bowls. All of them are great. I've also already had the opportunity to use them during an emergency when all the electricity went out for four days after a windstorm. We have a propane stove, which is all we needed to heat the water, and that's all it takes to create a meal in 15 minutes. Vegan, organic, and well-balanced, I couldn’t ask for a better food delivery company. Great customer service as well. I know this sounds like a paid testimonial, but it's not! Seriously, after trying a number of other food services, this is the best we found.

Gracey M.

April 7, 2022

Thanks for responding so quickly. Love you guys!!!!! Love you from the bottom of our tummy's! Such a fantastic company and just such a pleasure to work with you all!

Paris T.

April 19, 2021

I was blessed to speak with Destiny, a company representative who took my order. I have been so happy with all the meals. The food and packaging are wonderful; there is no bulk, no fuss, just perfect. But the food is all the fuss and has the best flavors and taste. I will be a long-term customer, so if you like good food and excellent service, this is the company for you.