Kudo Topic: Multiple Servings

Monica L.

November 16, 2022

I was a little hesitant about the order requirement of 12 items and the price as well. However, paying a little more for not having to shop, clean, prep, cook, and clean more than one bowl is totally worth it! Knowing the healthy nutrient profile from a large variety of spices and food is already there made me purchase these. I am very happy with the ones I've tried, and I actually get two meals out of each bag, so that really justifies my purchase. I feel satiated after eating too. It's so difficult to eat healthy when traveling, and these are simple to pack and make. Thank you, LeafSide! 🙌

Gina H.

March 22, 2023

We just got back from vacation and took nothing but LeafSide with us for breakfasts and dinners. It saved so much room in the car, and we were pleasantly surprised at how delicious, filling, and satisfying the meals were. Some were enough for two meals. Bonus: I didn't have to cook for an entire week!!!!!!! Since we only do WFPB meals, it feels like all I do is meal prep, cook, do dishes, and repeat. Having LeafSide on my side gives me such a nice reprieve from the kitchen! 🙌

Shannon G.

February 22, 2021

The Lentil Tomato Pasta Savory-Bowl is FABULOUS!!!! These portions, even the soups, are huge, so all I do is add some extra greens and I have two meals, and am actually spending less than if I was cooking at home. These meals are a complete game changer!!! Thank you!!!

Holly G.

January 31, 2020

I am so in love with LeafSide! 😍 I’ve tried two of their meals so far and both were absolutely delicious. 👌

We have tried several other meal kits in the past, but the portions were always so tiny that it felt like a rip-off. However, LeafSide's meals are more than enough for me to eat in one sitting! 😋

I'm also excited to try out the other 23 different meals that they have to offer because I love having variety and choices. 🤩 All the meals follow Dr. Greger's guidelines and contain no added fats or preservatives whatsoever! 😊

As someone who has been following nutrition scientists and doctors for years, I was thrilled to see LeafSide come to market. They have truly solved the convenience barrier that so many of us face in today's upside-down world. 🌎

Sheila R.

February 9, 2021

These meals are wonderful ! They are nutrient dense, filling, nutritious and easy to prepare. They are whole food, plant based, are delivered to your door, customizeable, and can easily feed two people with one meal.

I ordered nearly one of everything. Every smoothie, every bowl and every soup I have eaten has been delicious ! 😋

This company has literally done all the work for you. If you are trying to eat better and don't know where to start, please give them a try.

As a busy housewife and dog mom, these are a lifesaver for me.

I used to skip meals even when I was hungry because I didn't want to bother with another meal preparation and have to clean up.

With LeafSide, you just boil water, add to your meal, and stir. Wait 10 minutes and you have a wonderfully nutritious meal waiting for you. They have hit a home run ! I am so glad that someone out there started a company like this for those of us who are WHOLE food PLANT based in our diets and wanted easy meals that are clean and free of unhealthy, bad and questionable ingredients.

I really encourage everyone to give them a try. The customer service is excellent and I received my order at my doorstep two days after ordering ! Thank you LeafSide. Your guys are amazing ! 🥰