Sandra on General Love

Sandra H.

January 5, 2022

LeafSide is fantastic, this is like an answer to my prayers. Believe me. I cannot believe how great this stuff is.

I am so busy and it is so hard for me to eat healthy and I don't have time to make stuff. Just to have this really delicious food where all I have to do is add boiling water is too good to be true!

It is an investment for us and it is worthwhile. I am so enthusiastic about these meals. This is absolutely genius. I would have never believed you can make such healthy food that tastes so good, so easily!

We are not vegetarians but we are limiting meat. This is definately pushing us towards that. This is making it easier to go in that direction. It has really impressed me.

I feel like I'm gushing. When I ate this stuff I couldn't believe how good it was. When I made the meals and realized how filling and satisfying they were it was like wow! I am SUPER impressed!

You guys are awesome for doing this! It was almost like it had an energy to it that I couldn't explain!

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