Sil on Delicious Meals

Sil B.

February 8, 2021

I went all in ordered eight packs of all six different Savory-Bowls and I am eating two of those a day. I have been a junk food vegan for a long time and have severe swelling and weight issues. So far I loved the Sweet Potato Dal Soup, and the Lentil Tomato Pasta Savory-Bowl. The Thai Veggie Noodle Savory-Bowl I squeezed some fresh lime on it before serving. I did order SOS-free to follow Esselstyn's program. My goal is to lose 180lbs and really just get healthy. I am on no meds at all and blood tests from a few years ago (and 60lbs ago) were surprising good. I am hopeful my issues are all weight related.

Thanks Leafside, I'll be putting in another large order near the end of the month and this time I am going to do half Smoothies and half Savory meals. At 60, I am hoping this is my last time on the rollercoaster. Peace!

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