Enjoy easy plant-proven health success in just 10 minutes:

  • Delicious Real Meal Nutrition
    100% whole foods plant-based vegan
  • Easy & Portable
    just add water, enjoy in 10 minutes anywhere
  • Complete Flexible Plant-Power
    23 meals, over 111 whole plant foods
  • Get Plant-Proven Results
    ease → consistency → top health results
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Enjoy easy plant-proven health success in just 10 minutes:

  • Delicious Real Meal Nutrition 100% whole foods plant-based vegan
  • Easy & Portable just add water, enjoy in 10 minutes anywhere
  • Complete Flexible Plant-Power 23 meals, over 111 whole plant foods
  • Get Plant-Proven Results ease → consistency → top health results
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Enjoy easy plant-proven health success in just 10 minutes:

  • Delicious Real Meal Nutrition 100% whole foods plant-based vegan
  • Easy & Portable just add water, enjoy in 10 minutes anywhere
  • Complete Flexible Plant-Power 23 meals, over 111 whole plant foods
  • Get Plant-Proven Results ease → consistency → top health results
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LeafSide’s Adaptability Ensures Your Whole Vegan Success

At home, work, or travel. ✈️
For breakfast, lunch, dinner, or workouts. 🏃‍♀️
For you or for family — a LeafSide meal is at your fingertips, for any taste or time.

How does it work?

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How Do Whole Vegan Meals Change YOUR Health & Life?

Besides being the only diet clinically proven to reverse heart disease, 💚 thousands of peer-reviewed studies and Kudos from our LeafSiders confirm these top health results from whole vegan (aka whole food plant-based) eating:

Optimal Weight

Eat real whole foods to satisfy hunger, and indulge guilt-free.

Increased Energy

Real nutrient-rich meals bring steady energy all day.

Better Sleep

Unprocessed real foods support sleep best.

Improved Mood

Plants-only fiber nourish your microbiome, then your brain.

Athletic Boost

Recover fastest with anti-inflammatory whole plants.

Attractiveness & Sexual Health

More Attractiveness

Plant foods improve skin, scent, and sexual health.

Disease Prevention

Clean & repair yourself with diverse phytonutrients & fiber.


Eat like the longest-lived Blue Zones on Earth!

Every Meal is Your Plant-Proven Power Pack!

Never stress about healthy eating ever again, because every LeafSide meal is:

Deliciously Rich

Enjoy every bite of filling, complex, satisfying flavors, driven by decades of plant-based culinary expertise.

Quality Ingredients

100% whole plant foods, 15-30 select ingredients per meal — majority USDA-certified organic.

Clean Label

Real unprocessed foods only. No added sugar, oil, or processed crud.

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Fast & Easy

Just add water, ready to eat in minutes. No planning, no shopping, no prep, no chopping, no cooking.

Shelf-stable & Portable

No fridge needed, for 2-6 months. Easily stored in your pantry, workplace, or travel bag.


As low as $8.99 per complete filling meal, for consistent plant-proven health success!

How Does LeafSide Work? Easily & Enjoyably!

LeafSide is designed to deliver the plant-proven health results of whole vegan, whole food plant-based eating.  It’s a flexible system of meals for busy people choosing health!

A Plant-Proven Success System? Yes

/plant-ˈpro͞ovn səkˈses ˈsistəm/ noun.

Plant-Proven: Thousands of our customers agree: LeafSide actually delivers on the health results ✅ promised by thousands of whole plant foods studies.

Success: When healthy eating is easy, fast, affordable, portable, & delicious 😋 you get CONSISTENCY — and life-changing health results! 🤩 See for yourself, read some of our LeafSider Kudos!

System: 4 meal types, 23 meals, 111+ different whole plant foods 😲. Plus dozens of easy “meal-mods” — ensuring EASY, no worries, adaptable, healthy variety. Anytime, anywhere.

Why LeafSide Works

The Healthiest Diet Known to Science — Easily & Deliciously YOURS!

“Happy to voluntarily plug LeafSide! I’ve always loved LeafSide because they center their ingredients around my Daily Dozen.”
Michael Greger

M.D. FACLM, Founder NutritionFacts.org, NYT Bestselling Author

“LeafSide takes the gold medal for quick and easy. Each meal pack delivers an average of 20 whole, plant-based ingredients — more than any other meal service on the market.”
Ocean Robbins

CEO, Food Revolution Network

“After just two weeks of both of us eating LeafSide, we feel like a million bucks! Thanks for providing such an incredible service to plant-based eaters!”
See More LeafSider Kudos


“LeafSide is a game-changer in nutritional convenience like nothing I’ve seen before… they take out the guesswork, remove the homework, and do the legwork for you.”
Robert Cheeke

Author of The Plant-based Athlete NYT Bestseller, Champion Bodybuilder

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

LeafSide is perfect for you 🤩 if:

  • You enjoy eating — and are committed to — high quality, nutrient-rich whole vegan meals (aka whole food plant-based or WFPB meals).
  • You generally avoid processed food, and avoid fast food.
  • You have an active lifestyle, and often lack the time to plan, shop, prep, and cook healthy meals for yourself or loved ones.
  • You prioritize superior nutrition and health.

However, LeafSide may NOT 🤔 be for you if:

  • You regularly eat and crave processed foods with added salt, sugar, and processed oils/fats. Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet is heavily laden with those three processed additives, which “hijack” our taste buds with neurological effects similar to addictive drugs.
    • If you currently find healthy unprocessed meals bland, but you’re committed to eating healthier, be aware of these general trends: It may take 1-2 months of clean eating (i.e. over 2/3 of your caloric intake is unprocessed whole vegan) to wean off from high salt and sugar, to the normal levels in whole unprocessed foods. And 2-4 months to shed processed-fats cravings, to enjoy whole plants’ fat levels.
    • You can use whole vegan condiments to make the transition easier, e.g.
      • whole dates powder is an unprocessed sweetener that’s perfectly healthy;
      • low-sodium soy sauce can provide salty tastes;
      • nut/seed butters give plenty of healthy, creamy plant-fats, like tahini or almond butter
    • The good news is, your senses can & will adapt, and you can re-gain even more enjoyment of eating real, wholesome food, with far more layers and nuances of taste than ever before.
  • You don’t currently eat a majority whole foods plant-based diet. Per above, LeafSide meals may taste bland to you.
  • You regularly eat animal products (dairy, eggs, meat, fish, etc) high in salt and saturated fats.
  • You prefer bland food rather than a wide range of flavors, herbs, and spices. Out of habit, some people simply don’t enjoy flavorful foods. If that’s you, but you still want the health benefits of whole vegan eating, we’d suggest trying our Smoothies and Sweet-bowls first.

You’ll find the ingredients and nutritional information for all LeafSide meals here: https://www.goleafside.com/nutrition-summary/

Please note that all of our meals are already and always free of added sugar and oil, and our Sweet-bowls and Smoothies do not have any added salt.

Our Savory-bowls and Soups are low-sodium by default, but for SOS-free eaters (e.g. medically prescribed, or already adapted to no-salt eating), we can omit the sea salt and miso powder in those meals upon request: Just write “SOS-free” in the Order Notes section, or contact our Customer Success team.

Looking for meals that are gluten-free, nut-free, low-fat, soy-free, or SOS-free?

For LeafSide subscriptions, each complete LeafSide meal is initially priced at $9.99, while renewal orders receive a further 10% discount.  From the start, we’ve aimed to provide the healthiest meal value available anywhere ✅, at a price that beats most fast/junk food options.

  • Every LeafSide meal follows the highest standard 🥇 for plant-based nutrition — Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen — while also being delicious and super convenient.
  • Each LeafSide meal contains 15-30 whole plant ingredients 🌱, the majority of which are organic.
  • LeafSide meals range from about 400 to over 650 calories 😋 — they’re real, filling meals that will power you for hours.
  • Many LeafSiders find a single meal pack to be very filling, so they split one pack across 2-3 meals/servings. That’s easy to do with “bases” like whole grains, bread/toast, tortilla wraps, over baked potatoes, etc. Try them and discover their value!

We have 23 meals available, and a 12-item minimum order requirement (total $119.88), but many LeafSiders start with one of each recipe so they can try everything (total $229.77), and confidently select their favorites for their next order .

Please note that loyal LeafSiders with an active subscription receive a 10% discount on all renewal orders, from an already active subscription, making the price per pack only $8.99.

Our shipping fees are $6.99 for orders within the contiguous United States. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is $12.99 for up to 24 meals, $34.99 for 25-41 meals, and $49.99 for 42-70 meals.

You’re welcome to get started with your LeafSide subscription by going here: https://www.goleafside.com/order/

Currently, we offer monthly subscriptions (with the option to skip a month) with a 12-item minimum order requirement, but we will have other options with different pricing and minimums available in the future. If you don’t need meals each month, you’re welcome to order, then cancel your subscription immediately afterward. 

The first order default includes one of each recipe (23), and while we recommend you try them all to see which ones you like best, you can customize the selections to fit your preferences, as long as you fulfill the minimum order requirement of 12-items.

Although initial orders are priced at $9.99 per pack, active subscribers’ renewal orders receive a 10% discount, $8.99 per pack. 😊

Currently, we offer only month-to-month subscriptions (with a skip-month option) with a 12-item minimum order requirement, but we will have other options with different pricing and minimums available in the future. In the meantime, if you don’t need meals each month, you’re welcome to order and cancel your subscription immediately afterward.

You have the ability to update your selections for your next renewal at any time, and you will receive both a text message and email 48 hours prior to the renewal order processing, so that you have enough time to make any updates before then.

For renewal orders: click on Account (rather than Order) in the topbar, then click ‘My Subscription” (on the left) to see options to update your subscription, including changing the quantities of any LeafSide meal. This process updates your current active subscription, and avoids creating multiple subscriptions (which are possible if desired; click Order to create a separate new subscription). 

Due to the low moisture content of our meals, and the use of 100% whole plant ingredients, LeafSide meals are shelf-stable and maintain the best taste and texture for a meal-specific 2-6 month timeframe (see back label) from its creation date, when stored in a cool, dry (non-refrigerated) place. Depending on a specific recipe’s ingredients, the timeframe varies, and is updated based on our ongoing tests of each recipe, and evolving packaging.

Typically, the limiting factor is any higher-fat ingredients used in the meal (nuts, seeds, dates, coconut, etc.). If you want to extend the storage duration, you can put your pack(s) in the fridge, just as refrigerating those higher-fat ingredients would help add several months or more of shelf life. You may even store the meals in your freezer, which is likely to add years of shelf life.

LeafSide meals contain no preservatives or additives! Many of our ingredients are shelf-stable due to a special freeze-drying process that gently removes their moisture content. Freeze-drying maximizes nutrition and keep the ingredients safe to consume, without adding any unnatural preservatives.

All LeafSide meal packs will have a “Created On” date, and also a specific time frame of 2 to 6 months after that date on the back label, to ensure you enjoy the best taste and texture possible.

See below for an example:

Another quick reminder: The best-by time frame of dried foods is very different from an expiration date; the latter is needed for high moisture, perishable products with active microbial risk. By contrast, LeafSide meals are safe to consume weeks or months past the best-by time frame (yes, we’ve tested old meals on ourselves), though taste & texture may decline.

Finally, if you think you’ll need your LeafSide meals beyond their usual best-by time frame, remember that you can always store them in a fridge/freezer, to greatly extend their best-taste/texture lifetime. It’s yet another way to get more value & flexibility from LeafSide, while never wasting food!

Just add water!   The majority of our whole plant ingredients are freeze-dried, which maximizes the nutrition and keeps the ingredients safe to consume without refrigeration, nor preservatives. 



To prepare LeafSide Sweet-bowls, Savory-bowls, or Soups, you simply pour the meal into a 1-quart bowl, add boiling water, stir, cover, wait 10 minutes..and enjoy! 😋

LeafSide Smoothies are blended with water (or plant milk if you prefer) in a high-speed blender having 800+ Watts or more power. 

Preparation instructions can be found by clicking on each meal at this link: https://www.goleafside.com/meals/

Still have questions? See Our LeafSide FAQs

Get on the LeafSide: Over a Million Meals Delivered & Enjoyed!


Crystal E.
Busy Optometrist, Wife, and Dog Mom

After starting LeafSide, I saw huge changes. I was all in after that!

It feels great to be able to make something that’s healthy and tastes delicious in just a few minutes. I love the Broccoli Cashew Alfredo savory-bowl!

It’s been more than a year since my switch. I was able to decrease the medication I take for my Hashimoto’s.

Where I struggled to lose weight before, I’ve now lost 25 pounds, and my energy has improved by leaps and bounds.

While I used to hit the snooze button every morning, today, I’m up at 4:30 am and ready to workout!

Read Crystal's Full Story
Cheryl G.

LeafSide is so easy, you just add hot water and wait, and then it’s ready. All of their menu choices are delicious.

You can change your subscription, it’s just so flexible.

This was a marvelous solution for me. LeafSide provided the answer I needed. I really encourage you just click on it and go LeafSide!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our Money-back Guarantee

LeafSiders across the country LOVE the deliciousness, ease, speed, and unique health benefits of LeafSide meals.

But if LeafSide doesn’t work for you as the best solution you’ve ever tried for delicious healthy eating, we’ll refund any returned unopened meals (up to 25 meals) from your first order with us. Refund requests must be sent within 30 days of delivery receipt.

Just get in touch with us at [email protected] or call our Customer Success team at 1-888-597-3625.