Broccoli Cashew Alfredo Savory-Bowl


Velvety cashew sauce smothers this creamy, delicious bowl of decadence. Brimming with hearty buckwheat noodles, perfectly seasoned broccoli, chewy sundried tomatoes, succulent mushrooms, and non-GMO whole soybean curls, it’s a rich and dreamy dish that’s sure to satisfy. 🥦🍅🍄 Every crave-worthy bite also brings savory “nooch” (nutritional yeast) mixed with hints of zesty lemon 🍋, along with sweet onions and aromatic garlic 🧅🧄 for more bursts of flavor — it’s your classic, cheesy alfredo, reimagined with guilt-free maximum nutrition! 😋 

  • Indulgence and nutrition come together in this warm, filling dish. 30 grams of plant protein support healthy muscle tissue and bone structure. 💪🏻🦴 15 grams of fiber (half the RDA!) make your gut happy and healthy—you won’t find that in traditional alfredo! 😎
  • Smoky bits of sundried tomatoes and sweet carrots 🍅🥕 deliver over 100% of the daily value of vitamin C to strengthen your immune system. Cheesy nutritional yeast aka “nooch” and nutty buckwheat add a dose of vitamin B6, which helps turn food into energy and keep you active all day. 🏃🏻‍♀️💨
  • Mellow button mushrooms and rich porcinis 🍄 join forces to deliver the power of beta-glucan. This unique fiber modulates the gut microbiome, 🦠 which can boost immunity and lower cholesterol and may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.
  • Chewy soy curls smothered in savory seasoning 🤤 deliver estrogen-balancing isoflavones that may reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Eating soy can also reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol to help prevent heart disease. 🧡
  • Tender broccoli florets are packed with sulforaphane. 🥦 This sulfur compound supports natural liver detoxification to remove waste and environmental chemicals from your body. 🏭 Buttery cashews blend into a creamy, nutty sauce 🥜 that’s high in copper, polyphenols, and carotenoids—a trio with the antioxidant power to fight inflammation. 🦠🔥

No need to break out the pasta pot or blender to enjoy this comforting combo. All you need is some boiling water, and you’ll be digging into delicious, saucy noodles in just 10 minutes. Grab some crusty whole-grain bread 🍞 to sop up every delectable drop—you don’t want to miss a bit! 😋🍜

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