Kudo Topic: Variety of Meal-Mods

You and yours deserve the best, and LeafSide’s got you covered! 💚 Serve 4-6 people with one LeafSide pack and a few ingredients! Cut the time you spend shopping and cooking in half, and enjoy more time with your loved ones. Satisfy a whole group with 15 easy, delicious, and nutritious meal-mod recipes from LeafSide's 1-Week Meal Plan! The possibilities are endless! Get ideas from LeafSiders below or 🤓 View our full list of LeafSide Meal-Mods.

Susan H.

March 31, 2021

I had my first week of LeafSide (recommended by my sister). I have made four of the "Meal-Mod" recipes so far. The Twisted Lime Soup, the Wild Berry Smoothie Bowl, the Spiced Pumpkin Pie Smoothie, and Drizzled Balsamic Stuffed Portabellos. Each meal makes so much food this way! My family eats some as well, and there are still leftovers; no one goes hungry! Such a great way to start a plant-based diet.

Anne-Marie F.

March 15, 2021

Crystal's story (on LeafSide's website) is very inspiring, because I have some of the same issues.

I have many health issues: heart failure, high blood pressure, and diabetes worries. They run in my family and being African American, am more prone to this condition. I've also had a heart attack, and a bypass, and most recently a stroke! I struggle to be healthy: Here it is very hard to do a lot of prep or cooking. I'm familiar with vegetarian and vegan diet, I've always preferred veganism because cheese and milk makes me sick. I think I'm lactose sensitive plus I don't want to ingest food meant for baby cows. 🐮 And I've seen films about what happens to animals used for meat, it 's disgusting!

I'm living in an independent senior facility, but the food is very bad — even the vegetarian options they offer are still full of cheese, fat, and salt, and too many desserts. I live in a small room with my own bathroom, a microwave, and fridge, but no kitchen — which makes meal prep very difficult. And having to wash dishes in the bathroom is no fun.

So your food has been a godsend for me: Easy to prepare, tasty, and no animals harmed! 💚 I also need to watch my weight, especially being disabled and having to use a walker when I can, and a wheelchair. You don't want to be overweight trying to get around on these devices. They are already for me hard to use, It takes a lot of energy! And I am no spring chicken!!

I like the videos too with very helpful information on additional things you can add to the dishes and hints on prep. And things to use for prep!!

Thank you so much for making this available to the public!!

Tracy K.

June 17, 2022

A convenient & quick meal on it's own. But you can also use the LeafSide meals in recipes. ❤️

Christine B.

July 29, 2022

I absolutely love LeafSide meals!! 😍

My top favorites are the Goji Peach Paradise Sweet-Bowl, which tastes amazing with a touch of almond milk on top, giving me all the melted ice cream on a fruit crumble vibes 🍑🍨, and the Golden Garlic Bean Soup, which has such rich flavor!

🥣 These meals are delicious and always hit the spot!

Scott A.

June 14, 2021

We are on day 5 and loving every recipe in LeafSide's 1-week meal plan!