Are there samples or one time, a la carte orders?

Thanks for your interest in LeafSide! Currently, we offer only subscriptions with a 12-item minimum order requirement, but we will have other options with different pricing and minimums available soon. In the meantime, if you don’t need meals each month, you’re welcome to order and cancel your subscription immediately afterward. If you pay with a […]

Are there gift cards or gift certificates?

Thank you for wanting to share LeafSide with others! We do not have gift cards or gift certificates yet. You’re welcome to purchase a box for someone using your billing address and their shipping address. We have only 12-item minimum monthly subscriptions available at this time, but we plan to offer other options (with different […]

How do I update my subscription or order?

Thanks for your question! For returning LeafSiders, you will click on Account (rather than Order) and update your box within your subscription. This process is important to avoid creating multiple subscriptions. Once you are logged in to your account, you would go to the Subscriptions tab and click on your active subscription. This is where you can place a […]