Celebrating World Vegan Day with LeafSide: Embracing a Whole Vegan, Plant-Based Lifestyle

Embarking on a vegan lifestyle is more than a trend; it’s a powerful choice that enhances personal well-being, safeguards our animal friends 🐷🐮, and champions Mother Earth! 🌎💚 

Even in the most rural locales, you’ll find a burgeoning array of vegan delights in supermarkets, with hotels and eateries eagerly joining in on the vegan movement! 🍏🥦

It is clear that veganism is no longer just a passing social trend but a movement that is here to stay. 💪🌿

🔎 So, let’s delve into the fascinating history of World Vegan Day, learn how to skillfully avoid the 2 major downsides of a vegan diet, and explore 8 unique and fun ways to commemorate this special occasion.

The History of World Vegan Day 📖

World Vegan Day, celebrated annually on November 1st, provides a platform for vegans worldwide to come together and promote the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

This auspicious day has its origins in England in 1994 when Louise Wallis, a vegan animal rights activist and President of the Vegan Society, sought a way to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the society and highlight the enduring presence of the vegan movement and the widespread adoption of the term ‘vegan’ in the English language.🌉✨

The chosen date, falling between Halloween 🎃 and the Mexican Day of the Dead, symbolizes the transition from darkness to light, reflecting the transformative power of veganism. 🌖

Since its inception, World Vegan Day has become a global celebration, providing an opportunity for vegans to raise awareness and inspire others to embrace a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.

Its exponential growth even prompted the extension of this celebration into World Vegan Week, ultimately culminating in what we now relish as World Vegan Month. 🗓

Today, World Vegan Day, serves as a catalyst for dialogue, education, and activism, aiming to encourage individuals to make conscious choices that benefit animals 🐷, the environment 🌱, and their own health ❤️

As Gandhi wisely said,

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ✨

The Future is Vegan, and It’s Bright! ☀️🌱

Let’s use World Vegan Day as our launching pad into a compassionate, sustainable future.

Each day you choose to live Vegan, you save 1,100 gallons of water 💦, 45 pounds of grain 🌾, 30 sq ft of forested land 🌳, 20 lbs of CO2 😶‍🌫️, and most importantly, one animal’s life 🐮🙏  [source]

By adopting a vegan lifestyle, we’re not just bettering ourselves; we’re forging a kinder world for all beings. 🐱🐐🐷🐰🐓👫🐠🦎

Envisioning a Healthier Planet: The Transformative Impact of a Global Vegan Diet 🌏

A 2016 University of Oxford study revealed that a global shift to a vegan diet 🌱 could save 8 million lives by 2050, significantly reduce agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions 🏭🌍, and lead to monumental healthcare savings 💰 as well as climate damage avoidance worth $1.5 trillion. [source]

Interestingly, approximately half of the avoided deaths were due to a decrease in red meat consumption 🥩, while the other half resulted from an increase in fruit and vegetable intake 🍎🥦 and a reduction in calorie consumption, ultimately leading to fewer cases of overweight and obesity 🏃‍♂️.

The benefits of embracing a vegan lifestyle are clear and impactful. Don’t wait; start sharing the incredible advantages of a vegan lifestyle today! 📣

Lynn T. & Hubby
Long-time Vegans, Retired Houseboat Owners

“My hubby and I have been plant based for almost 10 years. We’re both in our mid 50’s. When we started, there weren’t a lot of vegan “fast food” options or “junk food”.

Gradually, almost without thinking, we’ve replaced a lot of our food with very crummy food – vegan, yes. Whole food? Nope.

So we’ve gained some weight, and, more importantly, our cholesterol has gone up and our blood has changed for the worse. Then, miraculously, our doctor recommends LeafSide. Btw: we live and travel full time on a boat so getting whole-food plant-based meals (WFPB) has been an issue anyway!

After just two weeks of both of us eating LeafSide, we feel like a million bucks!

We’ve lost weight and our energy is higher. The LeafSide meals are so nutritionally dense that we feel full quicker and stay full longer.

LeafSide has been, literally, a life saver for both of us. We feel so grateful to have this option! Thanks, LeafSide, for providing such an incredible service to plant based eaters!”


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Avoid the 2 Major Downsides of a Vegan Diet 🌱👎

1. Not all vegan diets are created equal!

Avoiding animal products is a great start — but is this enough?

Some vegan options are highly processed. 🤢 For instance, consuming potato chips and French fries 🍟, although technically vegan and plant-based, does not promote overall well-being.👎

Scientific research has shown that a vegan diet with an emphasis on consuming a variety of whole plant-based ingredients is your ticket to a healthier, vibrant, and energized life! ⚡️

Studies have demonstrated that a whole vegan, plant-based eating pattern can help prevent, treat, and even reverse leading causes of death, including heart disease 💔, type 2 diabetes 💉, and high blood pressure 🩸.

When it comes to promoting optimal health, nothing beats a whole vegan, plant-based diet, also known as Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB). ❤️🍏

"Where I struggled to lose weight before, I’ve now lost 25 pounds, and my energy has improved by leaps and bounds."
Crystal E.
Busy Optometrist, Wife, and Dog Mom

“I realized the importance of not just eating vegan, but that eating a nutrient-dense, unprocessed whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet is key for the best health. 

I felt so much better. This wasn’t just a phase, but a lifestyle change. Little did I know, I would end up spending 4-6 hours meal prepping, and over 2-hours grocery shopping each week.

Food would go rotten before I could eat it. I would then try to buy less, but then I wouldn’t have enough food. Time I could have spent doing the things I love with my husband and dogs, was spent in the kitchen instead.

Then, I discovered the ONE thing that caused me to FINALLY both make the shift and stick with it…”

Don’t miss out! 🚨 In our must-read article: Vegan vs WFPB: One discovery transformed my health and saves me 10 hours a week, Crystal shares a valuable insight that could revolutionize your health journey. 🤯

2. The one drawback that most experts won’t talk about? 🤐

People get tired of doing all the work. 😫

Because it’s not just finding recipes, planning, shopping, meal prep, cooking, and cleaning. 

To thrive, you need to know the latest nutrition science. 🔬 

The BIG Problem?

What if you don’t have the time and energy to do it all?  For you or your family?

That’s why we created LeafSide!

LeafSide: Your Whole Vegan, Plant-based Meal Solution

Explore over 20 deliciously whole vegan, plant-based meals delivered straight to your doorstep — ready to enjoy in just 10 minutes.

From mouthwatering soups to scrumptious breakfasts and heavenly smoothies, LeafSide has got you covered.

Celebrate World Vegan Day by treating yourself to a convenient, delicious meal that aligns with your values and provides the superior nutrition you need!

Crystal E.
Busy Optometrist, Wife, and Dog Mom

“After starting LeafSide, I saw huge changes. I was all in after that!

It feels great to be able to make something that’s healthy and tastes delicious in just a few minutes. I love the Broccoli Cashew Alfredo savory-bowl!

It’s been more than a year since my switch. I was able to decrease the medication I take for my Hashimoto’s.

Where I struggled to lose weight before, I’ve now lost 25 pounds, and my energy has improved by leaps and bounds.

While I used to hit the snooze button every morning, today, I’m up at 4:30 am and ready to workout!”

Read Crystal's Full Story

8 Unique Ways to Celebrate World Vegan Day 🥳🎈

Whether it’s a grand bash in a bustling city or an intimate gathering at home, World Vegan Day is for everyone and there are numerous ways to commemorate this special day and integrate veganism into your everyday life.

1. Spread Awareness & Share the Vegan Experience

The power of a vegan lifestyle is undeniable! So, what are you waiting for?

Invite friends, family, and colleagues to join you in celebrating World Vegan Day by sharing a plant-based vegan meal.

Showcase the delicious and nutritious side of veganism by sharing your favorite vegan recipe or LeafSide Meal with a friend, or hosting a vegan potluck with friends! 🍲

This creates an opportunity for open dialogue and allows others to experience the joys of vegan eating firsthand. By sharing your knowledge and experiences, you can inspire others to make conscious choices that benefit their health, the environment, and animal welfare. 😊

2. Engage in Volunteer Work

Consider volunteering at a local vegan organization or animal sanctuary on World Vegan Day. Check out this list of animal sanctuaries in the US! 🐐🐷🐶🐰🐱🐓

By dedicating your time and skills you actively contribute to the vegan movement, make a tangible difference in the lives of animals, and promote the message of compassion and respect for all living beings. ❤️

3. Host a Vegan Documentary Screening 🍿📽

Organizing a vegan documentary screening event in your community or among friends is the perfect way to celebrate World Vegan Day.

Select thought-provoking 🤔 and informative documentaries such as Cowspiracy,” “What the Health,” orThe Game Changers.” 🧠⚙️

These films provide valuable insights into the environmental, health, and ethical aspects of veganism. This opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions creates the perfect catalyst for others to critically examine their food choices. 🕵️

4. Participate in Vegan Challenges 💪🌿

Challenge yourself and others to embrace a vegan lifestyle for a designated period, such as a week or a month. 📆 This can be an exciting way to experience the benefits of veganism firsthand and discover new recipes, ingredients, and flavors. 🥗🥦

LeafSide can support you during this challenge by providing delicious and nutritious meals that make the transition to a whole vegan, plant-based diet easier and more enjoyable. 😋🌱

Kelley S.
Long Haul Truck Driver

“In one week of eating LeafSide meals, I lost 9 pounds, was pain-free, had more energy and mental clarity.

In fact, it was so amazing that I’ve decided that I’m going to make their meals a cornerstone of my healthy, new, plant-based diet lifestyle.

I drive over the road and so I don’t have the ability to really cook and certainly there are not a lot of healthy options for places to stop out on the road. With these meals, all I have to do is heat the water up in my little 12 Volt portable kettle and pour the hot water into the bowl with the meal. Presto! I have a healthy, plant-based, organic meal!

Love, love, love LeafSide!!! 💖”


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5. Connect with the Vegan Community 🤝

Engage with the vegan community by joining local vegan groups, attending events, or participating in online forums and social media platforms.

Connecting with like-minded individuals provides support, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. Share your experiences, seek advice, and celebrate your journey together. 🎉

LeafSide also offers a wealth of resources to connect with the vegan community and stay updated on the latest news and developments.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to broaden your horizons and connect with a global community of like-minded individuals 🌍✨ 

Join LeafSide’s Facebook Group, How Not To Die or Diet for busy people: Dr. Greger guidelines in 15 min/day and subscribe to our Newsletter to stay in the loop on the latest plant-based news. 💌

🧐 Satisfy your curiosity by exploring our  Science Page for comprehensive answers to the age old question, “What Should I Actually Eat on a Daily Basis?!” . 

6. Support Vegan Businesses

World Vegan Day 🌱 is an ideal occasion to support vegan businesses 🏪 and local vegan establishments.

Explore vegan-friendly restaurants, cafes, and shops 🍔🍰🛍 in your area, and make a conscious effort to choose vegan options when dining out or purchasing products.

By supporting vegan businesses, you contribute to the growth of the vegan economy 💪🌿 and encourage the availability of cruelty-free and sustainable products 🐾🌎.

7. Reflect and Reaffirm Your Commitment

On World Vegan Day, we invite you to take a moment to reflect on your vegan journey and reaffirm your commitment to this compassionate lifestyle.

  • If you’re just embarking on this journey, congratulations on making such a positive choice. 👏

  • For those who have been embracing the benefits of a vegan lifestyle for some time, take a moment to consider the positive changes you’ve experienced both physically and ethically. Celebrate your achievements and the difference you’ve made! 🥳

Ever wondered how your choice to go vegan has impacted the planet and its inhabitants? This vegan calculator can show you the number of animals saved, pounds of CO2 reduced, square feet of forest preserved, pounds of grain saved, and gallons of water conserved. Check it out and see the incredible difference you’ve made! 🌎🐾

8. Simplify Your Vegan Routine

Having a reliable meal routine is crucial in supporting a vegan lifestyle. Whether you’ve been vegan since birth or just made the conscious decision to adopt this lifestyle 20 seconds ago, you’re in the right place. 💚

Let’s face it, cooking can be a lot of work, and it might not come as a surprise to learn that it’s the reason why 90% of people throw in the towel… 🤯

LeafSide provides an array of delicious options that will not only satisfy your cravings and nourish your body, but also support your vegan lifestyle.

From hearty vegan soups to mouthwatering breakfast bowls ready to grace your table in just 10 minutes, it’s never been easier to embrace a vegan lifestyle!

Linda P.
Long-time LeafSider

“The LeafSide meals are part of my plan to save my sanity while eating healthily, and reducing our weight & cholesterol. Cooking vegan from scratch is very time consuming! 

These are definitely at least two meals per packet, even more based on some of the Meal-Mod ideas and extensions included on the LeafSide website. So far my husband can’t tell that I’ve been extending the LeafSide meals, and so far he hasn’t been able to tell or hasn’t seemed to care that they are vegan or vegetarian, THEY ARE THAT TASTY! 😋 I can see stretching the meals further by adding grains & veggies or protein. We do add some seasoning of our own. We have mostly tried the savory menu.

I’m also adding the savings of no shopping, schlepping, slicing, dicing, or planning. My brain is fried & I’m tired of it all. This plan is a lifesaver. 🛟 I might start cooking, again, and I might not. For now, LeafSide will be filling in the gaps.”


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