Comforting Corn Chowder Soup


Savor the embracing flavors of velvety summer sweet corn 🤗 🌽 that fill you with vibrant energy any time of the year! ⭐ Radiant golden corn is the star of this thick & chunky chowder — packed with a-maize-ing goodness. Heartwarming southwestern 🥰 flavors of smoky green chilis, tangy lime, and a slim pinch of jalapeño cling to the juicy organic kernels bursting in every bite of this mild American-inspired meal. 😋 Ruby red bell peppers and buttery fonio pair perfectly, nestled in a rich cashew-based broth. Creamy potatoes, yummy yellow peas, and crisp pepitas add depth, completing a corn-ucopia of flavors you’ll crave! 🥣

  • With just 500 calories that follow Dr. Greger’s low-salt rule, dive into a guilt-free & heart-healthy ❤️ gourmet experience with every spoonful. 🌽 Corn, naturally gluten-free, shines in this nutrient-rich ensemble, dialing down the risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and stroke.
  • Rich in prebiotics & packed with more than 12 grams of fiber, this chowder is a champion for digestive health. 🏆 The sweet crunch of organic corn kernels (a digestive aid) paired with corn grits and organic cashews (to keep your waist trim and your heart fit) crafts a festival of flavors with 16 grams of protein to fuel you with long lasting energy!
  • A powerful blend of organic turmeric (a known anti-inflammatory) combined with green & red chilis, and mixed with the subtle heat of jalapeno (all anti-inflammatory & great for metabolism), creates a broth that’s as beneficial as it is flavorful. 🌶️ Smoky paprika pairs perfectly with the umami flavor of organic miso, along with a hint of lively, pectin-rich lime to create a complex & comforting mouthful.
  • You’ll find a treasure trove 🗝️ of vitamins & minerals in this soup-er antioxidant rich meal brimming with beautiful red bell peppers: an impressive 226% Vitamin C, making each spoonful a step towards optimal health. Organic nutritional yeast gives a cheezy flair & a B vitamin boost of energy.
  • Hearty organic white potatoes 🥔 & yellow peas provide more goodness, teeming with nutrients like vitamin C and potassium for immune support and energy. Vibrant organic kale & carrots 🥕 load each bite with vitamins A: a whopping 218% of your daily, and K, fighting against free radicals & supporting bone health. Aromatic onions, laden with phytonutrients, potentially inhibit aging enzymes, diminish cancer risks, and preserve their antioxidant effectiveness, even after cooking.
  • 🌾 Savory organic quinoa & buttery fonio are ancient grains filled with protein & antioxidants. Combined with creamy cashews & nutty flax seeds, this soup is a magnesium 💪 powerhouse: improving muscle & nerve function, and reducing the effects of metabolic & inflammatory disorders. Crunchy organic pepitas provide a pop of texture & zinc for immune support.

LeafSide’s Comforting Corn Chowder 🥣 stands as a testament to our commitment to health and flavor. With no added oils or fats, and boasting low sodium levels, this meal not only comforts the soul, but also nurtures the body. Discover the blend of rich flavors & robust nutrition in our chowder. Delight in the knowledge that with every bite, you’re treating yourself to a meal that’s as nourishing 🌱 as it is delicious 😋. Thank you for choosing this journey of health & flavor — your body & taste buds will thank you!

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