Sweet Potato Dal Soup


Your search for dal-icious, wholesome, nutrition-packed Indian food 🍛 — without oil or high salt — ends here! LeafSide’s version of the classic South Asian dal (lentil stew) is creamy, comforting, and healthfully hearty, with fragrant complex spices that’ll excite your taste buds! 😋 Experience the slow-cooked, fulfilling flavor in just 10 minutes — anywhere, anytime, without the work. This complete meal delivers 20 powerful whole plants to nourish your body & spirit, so indulge today and take your senses to a faraway land 🌏 without ever leaving home!

  • Layered, rich super-spices like turmeric-loaded curry, black pepper, cumin, and ginger create a delicious depth of familiar Indian flavors, while supporting your cells with powerful phytonutrients 🌿 that boost cell repair, and quench inflammation. The seasonings are nicely balanced with both sweetness and spice, and mixed into a luscious, velvety cashew sauce. Those blond nuts are full of healthy fats that help your body absorb the abundant nutrients, helping you to feel fantastic!
  • The decadent sauce pairs perfectly with the nutty, buttery taste of gluten-free fonio, a West-African sustainable super-seed. This tiny whole grain joins lentils to provide 24 g of protein & 23 g of fiber ✅, powering you all day long with nutrient-rich complex carbohydrates, ensuring steady blood sugar levels. Along with typical beans superpowers like longevity ⏳ associations and abundant micronutrients, laudable lentils also offer more folate to help you sleep better 😴, and essential potassium which can lower blood pressure and support healthy muscles and nerves. 💪
  • This beautiful and sumptuous soup has so many yummy ingredients, and brilliant orange sweet potatoes 🍠 are certainly one of them! They’re super-high in beta-carotene (converted to vitamin A, and behind the strong orange color) to support your eyes 👀. These terrific tubers have cell-protecting, anti-cancer carotenoids, and plenty of vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium, to easily earn their superfood title.
  • Cholesterol-lowering kale 🥬 punctuates this golden stew with a vivid green powerhouse punch! Per Dr. Greger, “Kale is a best-of-all worlds food, low in calories and packed to the hilt with nutrition — vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory compounds, antioxidant phytonutrients — you name it.” This cruciferous veg contains cancer-fighting sulforaphane; and boosting this benefit’s bioavailability, LeafSide adds mustard seeds so you get maximum benefits.
  • Savory scallions (aka green onions), round out this stupendous stew you’ll be happy to chew. As a member of the allium family 🧄, it shares their anti-cancer powers. They’re also an excellent source of bone-building vitamin K, and they’re rich in fructans, which can promote a healthy microbiome.

Whether you’re traveling 🛫, at work 🏢, or at home 🏡, LeafSide has you covered with ridiculously easy & healthy nutrition. Enjoy this complete meal on its own, or add your favorite whole grains or bread 🫓, for some seriously scrumptious scooping of more servings. However and wherever you savor this delectable dal, may it feed your soul and power you through your adventures! 🎉

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