Madras Curry Savory-Bowl


Curry-ous to know more about our new & improved India-inspired bowl, that’s now nut-free and gluten-free* too?! In mere minutes after stirring, you’ll be swept away to the warm world of South Asian cuisine 🌏, savoring the scents and succulence of spices and rich flavors, deliciously drawn from thousands of years of nourishing traditions.

  • Energize yourself with the filling foundational foods of whole supergrain organic quinoa, plus the power-packed prebiotics 🤤💭 of nutty chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) and sweet peas. With 28 grams of complete plant-protein 💪, and 21 grams of fiber, you and your microbiome friends get long-lasting energy for active living! 🏃
  • The rich, layered, and brilliantly-colored curry sauce tastes like it’s been slow-roasted for hours — despite being ready in minutes. Loaded with powerful herbs & spices 🌿 like turmeric, black pepper, cumin, and ginger, you may just feel abundant antioxidants flood your system, and any inflammation quenched and cooled away.  All while enjoying complex, warm, and comforting flavors of the sunny 🌞 subcontinent.
  • More about quinoa: Born in the high Andes mountains ⛰ and eaten for over 7000 years, it’s especially rich in folate, magnesium, iron, zinc, and vitamin E, and is steadily winning clinical accolades, including lowering triglycerides for your heart health.
  • Humble chickpeas bring you much more than just protein & fiber; like other beans, they’re central to Blue Zones cultures (those having the most long-lived centenarians), help trim visceral/stomach fat, and are a top recommendation 🥇 for anti-cancer properties — most recently beating other beans for blocking a central cancer enzyme.
  • This exotic recipe benefits your body even more, with sulforaphane-rich (for DNA-repair) and vitamin K-filled cruciferous kale 🥬, and bright organic tangy tomato 🍅 chock-full of lycopene, an important antioxidant known to fight depression, heart disease, and prostate/cervical cancer

Altogether, this savory super-meal is a modern twist on an ancient classic that will help you feel fully fueled, vitalized, and plant-strong — anywhere, anytime (and without the excess oil, salt, or saturated fat from most restaurants). It’s also easy to mix and extend a pack into more servings, with your favorite whole grains and breads, including Indian Naan breads. Enjoy the delicious adventure!

*This recipe is nominally gluten-free, but for medically confirmed celiac disease patients, please note that LeafSide is not a gluten-free kitchen.

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