Madras Curry Savory-Bowl


Curry-ous about our India-inspired whole-grain bowl? Revel in the savory scents of spices and the tantalizing fragrance of herbs, along with brilliantly-colored, inflammation-cooling curry — and be transported in mere minutes to southern Asia where complex, warm, and comforting flavors rule. This vibrant and somewhat spicy meal is packed with organic bulgur wheat, a complete grain known for its filling fiber; and along with 20 other whole plant ingredients, its prebiotics promote a healthy gut microbiome — sending true satiety signals enabling easy weight management. Protein-rich legumes add more nutrition & satisfying flavor: tender, hearty lentils abundant in antioxidants; mildly nutty, heart-healthy chickpeas; and powerhouse peas filled with vitamins A, B, C, and E. This exotic recipe benefits your body further still, with sweet manganese-rich coconut (a source of healthy fats), sulforaphane-rich and vitamin K-filled kale, and creamy cashews chock-full of copper — altogether they’ll help you feel fueled, restored, and plant-strong. Enjoy the delicious adventure!

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