Pesto & Peppers Pasta Savory-Bowl


Savor the rich flavors of creamy pesto sauce as it clings to the corkscrew-like grooves of the chickpea rotini — and you may also want some whole grain bread on-hand, to soak up every last drop!

  • The taste of summer all year ’round: Italian-inspired, fabulously fragrant, oil-free, toil-free, and mouth-watering!
  • Full of prebiotics, 24 grams of protein, & amazingly heart-healthy
  • Zesty basil (a digestion booster) is paired with powerfully pleasant garlic (unmatched for anti-infection & anti-cancer powers), along with cheezy immune-boosting nutritional yeast, and bright pectin-rich lemon, to create an intensely complex green sauce.
  • Savory pistachios (a top source of natural melatonin for sound sleep) filled with heart-healthy Omega-3 fats
  • Vibrant green peas (legumes), loaded with micronutrients like osteoporosis-fighting vitamin K, makes for a magical pesto bursting with fiber & flavor!
  • For the finishing phytonutrient pow: sweet red & yellow bell peppers, high in vitamin C & carotenoids, along with chewy lycopene-rich sun-dried organic tomatoes.

Did you know? LeafSide offers the tri-colors of Italian sauces: Our red marinara and white alfredo pastas are already LeafSider favorites. So treat yourself (and your health) today, to our delectable take on pesto for the complete Italian experience! Grazie and buon appetito!

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