Tropical Bliss Smoothie


💭 Dreaming of a blissful & sparkling tropical getaway? 😍✨ This refreshing & vibrant smoothie is full of exotic & zesty flavors, like the luscious tastes you’d find in sunny islands full of palm trees 🌴 — all from the comfort of home! 

Sweet yet light tropical gems like pineapple🍍, dragon fruit💕, guava, and passion fruit combine with tangy & bright orange 🍊 for a juicy juxtaposition that beats the heat, and helps you shine from the inside out, wherever you are! 😎

  • 😏 Sip your way to getting over 200% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that can help reduce anxiety 🧘‍♀️, while it boosts your immunity and repairs tissues.  This smoothie is packed with pineapples 🍍, oranges, and guava fruits having high levels of this key antioxidant — which helps with iron absorption too! 🤗
  • Speaking of iron 👀, the colorful and unique dragon fruit 🐉 is one of the few fresh fruits that contain this important mineral. 💓 Feel more energy longer, as your red blood cells are nourished to carry oxygen throughout your body. You’ll also appreciate the high magnesium here, necessary for bone density and cardiovascular health, in this delicious fruit’s flavor that’s like a cross of kiwis 🥝 and pears. 🍐 Also known as pitaya, dragon fruit’s succulent purple flesh provides prebiotic carbohydrates (oligosaccharides) to feed our good gut bacteria (lactobacilli and bifidobacteria), improving digestion. 💜 The small seeds provide omega-3s, and this smoothie’s flaxseeds deliver even more essential fatty acids (EFAs) for your optimal blood pressure & brain health. 🧠
  • Fiber public service announcement! 📣 95% of Americans fail to get even half of the minimum RDA: 25 g for women, or 38 g for men. So help yourself to fabulous fiber today! By drinking this lovely libation, you’ll get a third or more of your daily needs! 💪🌿 Fiber is what feeds your gut microbiome to fully function, directly driving your overall health, e.g. lowering your risks of heart disease and cancer. And since fiber is so filling, it’s the key satiety signal to maintain your healthy weight. 💚
  • Are 🍊 your favorite citrus? Oranges are a potent source of vitamin C, and a treasure trove of other nutrients like folate, calcium, and potassium too. They’re high in hesperidin, a phytonutrient that can increase blood flow. Just more benefits of this tropical tonic! 🥰 
  • 🌞 Get that radiant summer glow all year round from sweet & tart passion fruit! These fragrant jewels bring A-game antioxidants like vitamin A for strong vision and younger looking skin.💃 Passion fruit’s plethora of seeds have piceatannol, a phytonutrient promoting collagen production, which can improve your skin’s moisture content. And like many plant foods, passion fruit’s alkaloids have a calming effect and can help with insomnia.💤

😋 Quench your thirst and nourish your body in mere minutes by simply adding water and blending your way to inner bliss with this delightful drink. Then, relax and say “ahhhhhhh”, knowing you’ll be rejuvenated and revitalized — no traveling to distant shores required! 🎉

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