Kale Krush Smoothie


A frequent favorite with LeafSiders, this smoothie delivers the kind of perpetual paradox we love: rich & indulgent, yet ridiculously healthy! This energizing elixir is perfect to start your day with, or to enjoy as a post-workout reward. To balance the greens with the perfect amount of sweetness, sun-drenched caramel-y dates join antioxidant-rich wild organic blueberries, along with delectable bits of mood-boosting raw organic cacao nibs. Cruciferous super-greens kale and broccoli provide the cancer-fighting compound, sulforaphane, to neutralize toxins and improve immune function. Heart-healthy flaxseeds & walnuts, loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that are also important for the brain, round out this delicious, nutritious meal. Experience how good healthy, whole-plant foods can taste, and add this smoothie to your favorites list today!

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