Cacao Raspberry Sweet-Bowl


Update, April 2021: LeafSiders have asked for sweeter, more indulgent flavors from this luscious meal, and we’ve delivered! Enjoy the taste of full-bodied, energizing cacao that’s perfectly balanced with sweet succulent raspberries, and a hint of fruity strawberries. Add plump sun-kissed dates and a generous dash of our special spice blend. For texture, buttery pecans provide a welcome crunch, while chia seeds and more heart-healthy whole grains lead to fluffier palate sensations. You deserve this scrumptious delight, so treat yourself today!

Imagine rich, luxurious cacao and ruby red raspberries mixed with caramelly-sweet & chewy dates, exotic raw vanilla, and creamy bananas… Now imagine that this decadently sinful combination is packed with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and prebiotic fiber! Mood-boosting cacao is high in antioxidant flavonoids that can cut inflammation and benefit your immune system, while raspberries’ anthocyanins provide disease-preventing power. Bask in the natural sweetness of juicy fiber-filled dates, essential for your microbiome to thrive, and pectin-rich bananas which help regulate blood sugar. Chia and flaxseeds lend important omega-3 fatty acids, and sultry pecans add a satisfying crunch — all loaded with micro and phytonutrients. Refreshing cardamom, delicate Ceylon cinnamon, and fragrant vanilla provide an elegant, balanced spice mix that can cleanse and calm both body and mind. Rejoice in all these nutritional benefits, while appreciating sensuous chocolate flavor, for guilt-free nourishment any time of the day!

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