Apple Cinnamon Crunch Sweet-Bowl


Update, February 2021: Based on feedback from LeafSiders, we’ve further evolved this delicious & nutritious recipe to become the apple of your eye! The improved texture of this meal’s oats & quinoa is satisfyingly hearty, and the combination of crunchy cholesterol-cutting macadamia nuts & immune-boosting almonds, paired with velvety lucuma (a Peruvian fruit with maple undertones – yum!), will have you craving these flavors any time of the day.

Rejoice in the tantalizing aroma and apple crumble-like essence of warm, comforting Granny Smith apples paired with antioxidant-rich Ceylon cinnamon, and a hint of zesty ginger & calming vanilla. The tart, fiber-filled apples promote your healthy gut microbiome (better than most other types of apples); while the antioxidant- and vitamin-rich sweet currants & juicy strawberries (both loaded with vitamin C) create a complementary burst of flavors — altogether, simply scrumptious! Heart-healthy, caramel-like dates and creamy, melatonin-boosting bananas bring everything together, for a taste experience you’ll enjoy apple-y ever after!

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