Cacao Cherry Smoothie


Craving a dark, rich chocolate smoothie that’s good for you? Look no further! Indulge in this creamy, decadent drink featuring the winning combination of tart, anti-inflammatory cherries & raw organic cacao nibs, the least processed and most whole form of “chocolate” with the most antioxidants (more than cocoa powder, or dark chocolate). Enjoy the natural sweetness of a touch of heavenly raw vanilla combined with blood sugar-regulating bananas, and fiber-filled, caramel-like dates that promote good digestive health. Chocolate-y goodness is all you’ll be thinking about as you sip this nourishing meal disguised as a treat, but Vitamin C-rich broccoli and kale, high in vitamin K & calcium for bone health, add a healthy dose of cancer-fighting super-greens. Move over traditional chocolate shakes! There’s an energizing, nutritious smoothie in town that’s sure to satisfy your taste buds and power you through your day!

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