Cacao Cherry Smoothie


Craving a dark, rich chocolate smoothie that’s also great for your health? ✅ Indulge in this creamy, decadent drink featuring mood-boosting organic cacao (the purest form of chocolate), tart & juicy cherries 🍒, along with a pinch of sweet Ceylon cinnamon. This elixir’s chocolate-y goodness is all you’ll be thinking about as you sip this nourishing, superfoods meal — disguised as a treat!

  • Energy-boosting raw organic cacao nibs are the most whole form of “chocolate,” with the most antioxidants (more than cocoa powder, or dark chocolate) and phytonutrients. For even more antioxidant power, we added Ceylon cinnamon to create a complex, crave-worthy Mexican chocolate flavor 🇲🇽 providing pure pleasure — without any added sugar!
  • Want to catch more zzz’s? Along with the usual supernutrition of berries, gorgeous melatonin-rich tart cherries 🍒 may help you to sleep better! The delightfully tangy taste of these ruby treasures is especially lovely paired with the cacao. Then small but mighty camu camu berries add more zip with their sharp full flavor, providing a vitamin C boost, and even more anti-infection powers.
  • A touch of heavenly raw vanilla provides natural sweetness & an alluring, calming scent, while fiber-filled, caramel-like dates promote digestive health. 😋
  • You won’t taste them, but this luscious elixir also delivers a healthy dose of super greens! Cruciferous powerhouses 🥦, broccoli and kale, are chock-full of calcium, vitamin K, and superstar sulforaphane, repairing cells from the DNA up. 🧬 A dash of mustard seeds ensures you fully unlock the powers of this peerless phytonutrient. 
  • Take this complete & portable meal anywhere — just blend and go! Enjoy 20 whole plant ingredients, with 15 g of protein and 20 g of fiber ✅, keeping your blood sugar steady and your microbiome happy. Your heart will be happy too, with a boost of omega-3s from nutty flaxseeds and walnuts. 💚

So step aside, ordinary chocolate sugar-shakes! Ca-count on LeafSide 😉 to help you feel amazing with our easy, ultra-convenient meals. Order this energizing, nutritious smoothie for plant-proven pleasure, powering you through your day! 🎉🎉

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