Kale Krush Smoothie


Rich, indulgent, and yet ridiculously healthy, this sensationally sweet smoothie delivers a burst of energy to jump-start your day or refuel your body after a workout. 🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏻 Wild blueberries and leafy kale create a vibrant combination enhanced with caramel-y dates and subtle ginger undertones.. 🤤🥬 Decadent cacao nibs add bursts of chocolatey flavor that will have your taste buds begging for more! 🍫👅

  • This luscious meal in a glass is a refreshing way to get your daily dose of essential omega-3s from a nutty duo of walnuts and flax 🥜 And you can’t go wrong with 11 grams of plant protein to support healthy cell structure 🦠🏋🏻‍♂️ and 14 grams of fiber to feed your gut — and get you almost halfway to the RDA! 🌾
  • Every exquisite sip of this enticing elixir contains a top-notch trio of immune-boosting nutrients: vitamin A (172% RDA), vitamin C (76% RDA), and selenium (133% RDA). 💪🏻↗️ Together, this dynamic team regulates immune function, 🤧 encourages white blood cell production,🦠 and balances immune reactions ⚖️ to fight infection and keep inflammation in check. 🔥
  • Creamy black beans and smooth sweet potatoes join over 19 other whole plant ingredients to create a prebiotic-packed delight that encourages gut microbiome diversity.🍠💥 More diversity (in diet and thus gut microbes) means better blood sugar control, less inflammation, lower triglycerides, and a healthier weight — all from one succulent smoothie! 😍🧉
  • Cruciferous super-greens kale and broccoli 🥦🥬 steal the show (but not the flavor) with cancer-fighting sulforaphane.🥊🦸‍♂️ This powerful compound enhances phase II liver detox to neutralize and remove toxins from your body. ☠️🚫 
  • Decadent blueberries and crave-able cacao nibs deliver a one-two antioxidant punch from polyphenols like catechins (kat-i-chins or kat-i-kins) and anthocyanins (an-thuhsahyuh-nins). These mighty plant compounds can prevent cholesterol oxidation to protect you from heart disease and may boost your body’s ability to clear cancer cells before they multiply. 🦠🚫

Once you experience how fabulous whole plant foods can taste, you’ll see why this scrumptious smoothie is a favorite among Leafsiders. 😍 Add it to your weekly rotation for a rewarding treat that satisfies your desire for dessert and boosts your health at the same time. 🍦🥗 It’s the most delicious paradox you’ll ever taste! 😋👍🏻

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