Lentil Tomato Pasta Savory-Bowl


Update, September 2020: A penne for your thoughts! Feedback from LeafSiders helped us to change the pasta in this recipe, so it now includes quick-cooking penne made from champion chickpeas that are chock-full of nutrients. Thanks for your comments & buon appetito!

You know that magnificent mouth-watering aroma of a simmering savory sauce?! The kind of rich tomato sauce that’s just not found in store cans or jars, but only in a slow-cooked pot? Now imagine having that full-bodied flavor without having to go to a restaurant or taking the time to make it! This plant-strong pasta dish offers a robust, rewarding red sauce full of antioxidant-packed peppers, onions, garlic, and mushrooms. Gorgeous green iron-filled spinach and broccoli bursting with vitamin C, along with immune-boosting basil & oregano, add even more nourishment. This low fat, high protein meal also feeds your gut microbiome with 3 fiber-rich prebiotics: hearty lentils, mild great northern beans, and creamy chickpeas. Both your tummy & your taste buds will be satisfied! A healthy, delicious meal with slow-cooked flavor without standing over the stove for hours, but rather, ready in 10 minutes?! Yes, please!

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