Super Berry Smoothie


Lift your spirits with a burst of a deliciously sweet & tangy triple berry combination, along with a touch of bright, sun-kissed lemon to amplify the refreshing flavor of this gorgeous, jewel-colored smoothie. Known as nature’s powerhouses of nutrition, juicy, organic wild blueberries and succulent blackberries contribute phytonutrients like anthocyanins, which act as antioxidants to promote brain health and help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Tart, anti-inflammatory cherries add their gift of natural melatonin to help regulate sleep, and who doesn’t want to catch some more z’s for better recovery and performance?! Beautiful, fiber-filled beets lend their radiant deep-red hue and provide a great dose of nitrates, converted by your amazing body into nitric oxide for an immediate blood pressure lowering effect. Super-greens kale & spinach join nutty flaxseeds & walnuts, both packed with omega-3 fatty acids, to balance this revitalizing remedy you’ll reach for anytime you’d like a blast of immune-boosting energy!

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