Apple Cinnamon Crunch Sweet-Bowl


Crunch your way to “apple-y” ever after with this nutty, cinnamon-y treat! 🍏 Scrumptious fruits and fragrant spices blend with decadent dates and hearty whole grains to create a creamy bowl that tastes just like dessert. 🍨 It’s everything you love about apple crumble — with no added sugar and a whole lot more nutrition!

  • This bowlful of caramelly goodness delivers 12 grams of plant protein to support collagen production for healthy skin, nails, and hair. 👱🏻‍♀️ Creamy oats and nutty quinoa provide you 16 grams of gut-friendly fiber — half your daily goal in just one meal! 🥇
  • Tart Granny Smith apples support a healthy gut with a prebiotic fiber called pectin. 🍏 Pectin can boost beneficial bacteria that churn out high levels of butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that strengthens the intestinal barrier and prevents your immune system from overreacting.🤧 
  • Currants flood every bite with a pleasant sweetness while delivering iron to support healthy blood! 🩸 Sweet strawberries balance the flavor and provide immune-supportive, energy-boosting vitamin C for a total of over 300% of the daily value.🍓
  • Omega-3-rich flax and chia seeds have the power to fight inflammation throughout your body. 🔥 Crunchy almonds and macadamia nuts add antioxidant compounds like tocotrienols to protect your brain and keep you sharp! 🧠 Healthy fats from nuts can also help you maintain your weight and avoid chronic diseases associated with aging. 👴🏻 
  • Enjoy sweetness without added sugar thanks to luscious Peruvian lucuma and delectable dates. Both are packed with powerful antioxidants like polyphenols to balance blood sugar 🍚 and xanthophylls to prevent eye degeneration and damage. 👁

The next time you’re craving a sweet meal or snack, this bowl of comfort has you covered. Enjoy the warm aromas of ginger, vanilla, and Ceylon cinnamon that you’ve always loved in Grandma’s apple pie—no oven required! 🥧

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